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E-learning Software Shape the Education Industry During Coronavirus

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E-commerce together with grocery apps and other vital services are in greater demand today than ever before. It is because of the rise in cases of Coronavirus. As with many other sectors, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the education market. Besides these apps, educational apps are also receiving remarkable feedback.

Universities and schools are switching to virtual classrooms to break the virus transmission chain and ensure the academic year of students is not wasted. Meanwhile, universities and schools which have already invested in the production of education apps remain ahead of the game. And if your institution still runs on the legacy network, then it is the right time to turn to an online platform.

We are going to find out some of the benefits of using e-learning apps for both students and educational institutions. We will also direct you through the process of creating mobile e-learning apps to help your company remain competitive, profitable, and offer the latest features during the Coronavirus outbreak.


E-learning is a method that enables users to learn how to use new and emerging technology, including educational applications, services, online channels, podcasts, forums, and other online resources. It makes learning interactive and exciting with full user control as needed.

Importance of using e-learning

  • Facilitates smooth and quick access to information
  • It is a continuous process whereby study materials can be obtained from any location with no limitations
  • Enables smooth communication with fellow students and instructors
  • It is flexible and mobile hence learners can choose the place and time of study
  • Enables high levels of motivation and engagement
  • Assures high efficiency
  • It is affordable
  • Offers immense potential
  • Studying is possible for all age groups

Significant features of the e-learning

Engaging customer interface

The learning app developed is built to offer a solution; that is, to give on-demand learning. But if you have a learning app that has an enjoyable user interface, then this approach is said to be successful. It helps to deliver the content effectively. A straightforward interface lets students concentrate on the content, which is engagingly combined with multiple dimensions. 


When your mobile app user subscriber grows during the coronavirus outbreak, the traffic load will eventually impact the results. Your software needs to follow different requirements, including the current versions of the operating systems, security upgrades, and facilitate the introduction of new functionality to ensure the software remains viable and smooth running.

Offline mode

A smooth Internet link cannot be made accessible round the clock, mainly in countries where the Internet bandwidth is not of this standard. The Mobile App design services should, therefore, develop an e-learning framework capable of even working in an offline mode. It will keep the user informed, and they can use the app to enjoy the content whenever possible. Each downloaded module or material will give you a more in-depth insight into how useful the app is for education.

Push notifications

Push Notifications are a good user experience strategy and are not considered spam in comparison to emails and texts, which people feel are annoying. Such alerts are a perfect way to connect directly with users and keep them engaged. Push alerts share information about the new shipment, content to review, and other relevant updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the process of developing my E-Learning app?

Yes, progress reports on the e-learning process are typically provided at an appropriate time. We build your E-Learning app on our Development Server and share all credentials to monitor the rate of progress of your app. 

How long does it take for the development of the E-learning app?

The time to produce a mobile app is basically calculated basing on numerous factors such as features, scalability, server hosting, and functionality.

Do you offer maintenance after app deployment?

We are offering extended maintenance plans to our clients. We also fully support the app that we design and develop if it faces any problems or needs any improvements. In addition, our team offers complete maintenance and support of mobile apps.

What is e-learning on the mobile?

Mobile learning, also called m-learning, is a great way to access learning material at any time or place. Learning with mobile device support is more demanding than conventional learning. You can learn wherever you want. Educational systems have significantly changed with the rise of mobile learning.

Are you assuring the device idea of protection and confidentiality?

Yes, we are signing an NDA to protect your idea and information about the app. Therefore we ensure the full protection and privacy of the project for the creation of mobile apps.

Final verdict

The e-learning app development industry has seen a massive surge in recent years, thanks to growing technology. And with the coronavirus threat, there will be a surge in demand for online learning. Educational apps are making the learning process engaging, interesting, and, above all, easy to access. The features and benefits of the above app will surely help you invest in them and give your users valuable stuff to learn better.

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