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How much does Production of an Online Grocery App Cost

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Who doesn't want to shop nowadays? Smartphones are playing a major role in our lives today; BigBasket is becoming increasingly popular, like grocery delivery apps. This is why the larger macroeconomic and economic factors don't affect grocery sales. Spending most of the day in offices and extending the time spent with families, traveling to convenience stores or supermarkets.

As a result, consumers turn to mobile grocery delivery applications to get items at their doorstep, at their convenience and availability. As a result, the number of online grocery applications is driving the market flood with many creative and exciting apps.

Today, with the advent of digital transformation and the emergence of mobile on-demand applications, the focus is on online grocery applications. Therefore, as a business person or as a startup, you should think of the same and most troubling thing about you, which is the price.

It's real that nobody can miss this digital revolution. That's why more than 50 percent of grocery stores, and exactly 60 percent, have started offering mobile shopping applications to stay competitive and profitable. BigBasket, Grofers are among the leading online shopping destinations.

About BigBasket

Big Basket is the largest online supermarket in India, with its headquarters in Bangalore. It sells more than 14,000 products of various categories, including fruit, vegetables, grocery, and staples.

Big Basket operates in all the country's prominent cities, including Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai. Five passionate businessmen founded Big Basket, who previously operated a physical grocery chain Named Fabmall which was sold to the Aditya Birla Group where it was renamed. As of August 2015, Big Basket raised $100 million in funds from global venture capital companies led by Bessemer Venture Partners.

App features

  • Offers more than 14000 easy-to-choose items, including vegetables, fruit, and household goods
  • Smart Basket work to find the easiest way to shop for favorite brands
  • All special offers, discounts & new releases are easy to scroll
  • Convenient option to choose standard delivery or express delivery
  • All special offers, discounts & new releases are easy to scroll
  • Secure payment options including cash on delivery, online payments and wallet payments, such as PayU money
  • The cost of producing online grocery app

Therefore, you need to select the business model you want to use to know the Cost of Creating App like BigBasket, and then what comes out is one of the most critical factors in deciding the Cost to Make Grocery App like BigBasket.com. All you need to do is choose the right platform and multiple applications you want.

The cost of developing BigBasket like app largely depends on the features needed. Nevertheless, a simple application for distribution of food will cost between $10,000 and $40,000 to provide an estimated value, while a more complex system can cost more than $80,000.

Online grocery apps ensure a free shopping experience, making it a user-friendly product. With the BigBasket, grocery shopping and basic needs organizations have become much easier, and you avoid homelessness for groceries here and there. If you're also planning to invest in the retail sector, this blog will definitely help you define the features needed and estimate the development required to develop the app.

Having a team of knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals is essential to develop a successful and efficient mobile grocery delivery app. We'll explain the product and the market as a leading provider of enterprise mobility solutions filed in IT for more than 18 + years. An online mobile application for the delivery of groceries is usually found on Android and iOS platforms.

Discover how Applications such as BigBasket Work

Now you need to know how the Grocery App works and what type of app you want to develop and know the cost of developing a BigBasket-like Grocery app. Let's talk about the apps you're looking to develop. You must have at least three mobile apps to run a grocery delivery service: Order Service For Customers Delivery App For Drivers Admin App For Vendors, Traders, Admins.

Telling Cost of App like BigBasket is a difficult task, everything depends on the customer requirements and features of the app then we can fix the price.

Producing a feature-rich mobile grocery delivery application is not as simple as it seems to be infected developing a highly scalable mobile app is a complex process; hence, one needs to partner with a skilled and experienced grocery mobile app development company that can create the necessary IT infrastructure as well as a user-friendly, prosperous grocery delivery app.

To answer the question

So our answer to your question of how much an app like BigBasket App Cost. It depends on your business model, platform option, number of applications, web development inclusion or exclusion, and the features necessary. Mobile app development companies often work with various revenue models, as with any other company.

You can recruit BigBasket iOS / iPhone and Android App Developers, or the project's professional and devoted team, or apply to a SaaS (Software as a Service) model where you only have to pay monthly subscription fees.

Benefits delivered

EPixelSoft created an Online Grocery App like Big Basket that helps customers shop everywhere, and anywhere, helping them to grow its customer base by more than 50 percent and gain customer loyalty.

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