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Innovative App Ideas in 2020 to Skyrocket Startups Business

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 27-Jan-20205  Min Read ,  100

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Google Play Store currently has an estimated 3.3 million applications and the App Store has over 2.2 million iOS devices offering a total of 5.5 million apps on the two most popular platforms.

What makes Flutter Ideal for Mobile App Development in 2020

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 22-Jan-20204  Min Read ,  183

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Flutter's release came a few years ago but Google has come a long way since this amazing cross-platform app development toolkit took place. This powerful and feature-rich mobile UI framework helps develop Android and iOS apps.

How can Blockchain Help in Combating Deepfake Issues?

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 20-Jan-20203  Min Read ,  248

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Remember the video posted back in May 2018 by Socialstiche Partij Anders of Belgium? The one where Donald Trump criticized Belgium for participating in the Paris Climate Accord. Or the one where Trump was a part of the popular series Breaking Bad?

2020: The Year of Digital Products

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 16-Jan-20204  Min Read ,  142

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Advanced tech convergence that started in the digital business age continues to evolve at rapid levels. Through 2030, any product we use today will be reshaped by this technological evolution.

10 Ways AI is Going to Improve Fintech in 2020

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 13-Jan-20205  Min Read ,  365

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In 2020, AI & machine learning will boost Fintech by improving the quality and flexibility of payment, lending, and insurance services while also helping to find new borrower pools.