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Privacy Policy


This site is owned by EPixelSoft. We are profoundly concerned about your privacy. We understand the account of responsibility involved in the handling of personal information of its visitors and would like to safeguard your personal information that you provide to us. This Privacy Policy states our practices about collecting, using, and disclosure of information.


We accept only that information which is provided to us willingly by you. Considering the privacy concerns in disclosing the personal data about oneself, we give you the liberty of accessing our website with no disclosure of personal information. You might also opt for divulging restricted or certain data as per your convenience.

We, respecting the trust of the visitors, commit ourselves to deal with the information provided by you with utmost confidentiality. The contact details like the name, e-mail address and phone number are strictly protected with the assurance of no leakage to any third party.

How EPixelSoft collects your information?

EPixelSoft collects personally identifiable information about our visitors either directly through forms that they fill up on our site, or by placing cookies in the user’s hard disk as they browse this website.

The website of EPixelSoft may place cookies in your computer’s hard disk when you:

  • Visit our website

  • Post comments in the blog

  • Subscribe to newsletters

The server may access cookies in your computer’s hard disk when you visit this website again, for:

  • Recognizing your computer.

  • Displaying pages according to your preferred display settings. This includes, without limitation, page layout and font sizes.

  • Helping you fill out forms quicker, by completing some of the entries automatically as per the information provided by you in the past.

  • Identifying a returning user. Also, to track the number of unique visitors accessing this website, on a daily basis.

E-mail Address, Phone No:

Email address and phone number provided in contact us form will be used to share vital information with you. This information can be anything related to your query, projects, payments and selected marketing material. Once entered in our mailing list, you will be regularly sent newsletters and other promotional notifications of our company or of our related partners. Giving optimum value to your consent to receive all this, we give you the liberty to get unauthorized from our communications by deleting your details from our database. With our associates obliged by the conditions of our privacy policy, you get the option of disconnecting yourself of regular communications from their side as well.

Credit/Debit Card details:

The credit and debit card details given by you in regards to your payment are purely used only for processing purposes. We do not store this data at our end and take all steps secure your data while it is in our possession. We reserve the right of using this data like the billing address for future client concerns and render the assurance of not sharing this information with a third party.

Disclosure of information under special provisions:

Governing the client data under a set of rules and regulations, you should understand that EPixelSoft will be applicable for revealing certain sections of the customer data under following circumstances:

  • Post a written approval from your side

  • Post an order from any sort of legal jurisdiction

  • In the context of societal benefit

  • In compliance of the protection of rights of EPixelSoft

The information given in the website can be shared with the following groups of individuals:

  • To a related associate of EPixelSoft

  • To an individual or individuals to whom we are obliged to do so as per law

  • To personnel like the lawyers and financial consultants for the proper facilitation of required proceedings.

Holding the right to use the information stated by you for promotional purposes, we however guarantee of removing your details from our database post to your request of doing so. Responding to your requirements promptly, we take all the necessary efforts to keep you satisfied from our work policy.

We at EPixelSoft take your privacy very seriously. We will never sell any of your information to any third party authorities.

The information that you have provided to us is securely stored on our servers. It is only used for providing better services to you.

Change of Policy:

Please be noted that the above mentioned privacy policy is subject to change and will be published at our website with the immediate effect. It is in these regards that you are recommended to go through the clauses briefed over here for an apt understanding of our working procedure.

Agreement to the Policy:

You should be aware that by submitting any kind of personal details to our website, you indicate your acceptance to the terms given above. In case of any queries or concerns, you are always free to contact us for further assistance.