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We are a team of experts committed to switching your business from manual software applications to ERP. We have excellent engineers that will take you through the ERP life cycle reliably.
We take you through from package selection to the final stage in the cycle; implementation and support, turning your ideas and inspirations into a stunning success.

Our Key Features

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As an established company in ERP solutions, we guarantee heightened data security. By granting different access rights to different users we ensure that no data is accessed by unauthorized persons. Count on us for data consistency.

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Real-time Access to Information

With our ERP development services, all your employees access relevant data speedily enhancing decision making. This brings about growth and competence in your business enterprise and provide affordable and best ERP services

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Back Office Automation

We help you improve your profit margins by helping you move from manual operations which are not only time consuming but also expensive and unreliable.Since we readily avail the data to you, important decisions, data correction and analyzing can be done faster.

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Data Location

Our reliable ERP developers are conversant with helping you keep your business data in one location. This allows you to update your data with ease and keep it dependable.

Project Management

At our company, EPixelSoft helps you be able to follow up on your projects until they are implemented. Our able engineers create a system that helps you manage the projects thus ensuring speedy implementation.

Here, we create you interactive platforms such as an email application that with a CRM the system, allows for file sharing and other features that our team of experts has found imperative through their many years of experience.

We put together all these features for you combined in one app that allows for mobile functionality.

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ERP Project Module

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CRM Module

In our ERP the solution development company, we have first-rate professionals who are committed to better customer relations in your business enterprise. Backed up by expertise, we assess how you interact with your customers.

Having dealt with hundreds of businesses and government firms, we are able to get them challenges in the customer life cycle and in turn improve it.

We aim at helping your business satisfy even the very demanding customers thus improving customers retaining rate. This, in turn, grows the business.

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Financial Module

Finance is one of the most imperative section in any business. Our team of ERP solutions developers is experienced in helping you manage finances.

We enable you monitor cash flow, filter data and make any amendments easily. All financial data is stored securely, just a click away.

Once the financial reports are up to date all the time, your business is set for growth

Why Choose Us

  • We have developed ERP solutions for many years thus grew a huge amount of capability.

  • Our team of engineers develops reliable, user-friendly apps that bring an all in one solution for all the overarching business challenges.

  • We offer top class ERP solutions, walking with you from the time you decide to implement ERP to the time it is fully implemented.

  • We earnestly seek your feedback.

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Industries we Serve

We provide innovative solutions for following industries.

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