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Application Development

Meet a team of experts who have supreme experience in reshaping your business by introducing mobile applications. Our expertise and capability helps us deliver services that are far superior to your usual standard contracts.

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Blockchain App Development

Our blockchain application development team comprises of experts and engineers in designing and marketing and well-informed mentors with recognized experience. EPixelSoft works proficiently to ensure that data and information appertaining your business is shared but not copied. We are committed to working with you regardless of the type and size of your business.

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We introduce to you interphase which allows the employees network in one medium. We do this by ensuring that each computer system on the network is equal but at the same time allowing them to take different roles. By changing the way information is exchanged, we reshape your business. This helps you generate new opportunities thus bringing the best out of your business.


In any business, data security is a critical priority. Our expertise is the key to ensuring that specific data is only accessed by specific persons. We also ensure that the data shared cannot be tampered with since it is encrypted.

With our robust blockchains, data cannot be lost or destroyed. Through the many years of experience, our technology experts are well-versed with new threats that are up-coming with the ever advancing technology.

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Chain Solutions

Our world-class team helps ensure that the data shared by individuals in different supply chains are consistent. This is a vital part of business growth. With our blockchain application, data, and information is shared speedily and at the same time preventing fraud.

Our engineers ensure that all transactions are recorded giving your assurance of incontrovertible data.

App Integration

As a well-established company in blockchain application development, our team of professionals build robust, secure and reliable applications that work on most devices.

Your blockchain product is integrated into mobile applications. We do this through REST APIs which help the customers stay connected. The customers are also able to perform operations through their mobiles conveniently.

As a result, customers stay in touch with your business. This, in turn, raises the customer retention rate ensuring growth in your business.

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Count on the dozens of highly skilled professionals with many years of experience. We have worked with hundreds of businesses and government entities translating their ideas to blockchain solutions.

We have also for a long time worked with businesses that have begun but are stuck in completing their blockchain application. Cutting-edge technology and unsurpassed service have made us an exceptional team that is most trusted.

Industries we Serve

We provide innovative solutions for following industries.

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