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Internet of Things
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The world of technology is constantly changing, and with each wave comes the apparent realization of greater and more robust forms of communication, processing and implementation that are core areas of concern for the entire field of software development. Internet of Things (IoT) is a contemporary example with the concept covering the entire breadth of devices that are used by people on a daily basis, and integrating communication and process technologies within them.

EPixelSoft completely understands the overwhelming potential of such a field of specialization with immense game changing potential for both home lives, as well as enterprise requirement. Our concern mainly relates to the consequential and concurrently working research personnel who look forward in terms of innovating and breaking new grounds in this field, which is filled with untested potential both horizontally and vertically.

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In terms of developing and presenting solutions, EPixelSoft also considers the entire cross-sectional awareness about the IoT technology under question. This give priority to a number of factors, including identifying business roadmaps that offer solutions and positive outcomes, industry insights consolidation and benchmarking of expectations. What you’ll be getting at EPixelSoft is not just the full realization of communication between all devices in a grid, but you’re also getting them capable of producing information through processing other data, as well as ensuring that security allocations work to safeguard the entire plan under the network.

You can also access the data available on these devices, and perform analysis and management, which will greatly benefit numerous organizations. Creation of extremely accurate business insights would facilitate in making the industry become far quicker and more frequent to implement any kind of change, whatever its size might be.

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We are composed of teams of highly capable professionals working in varying field of IT and other forms of modern technology.

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Our services are already benchmarked with the most common results already proving to be satisfactory even though we might be looking for something far better and optimized respectively.

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We are focused in bringing forth an objective-driven solution to the entire case of any request we receive.

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Full security assurance is embedded across the entire system at large.

of Smart Homes

By far, the greatest point of advantage proposed with the oncoming of IoT and its continual increase in popularity is how they will affect personal family lives of their users. With a number of devices that require manual intervention, could then take action should their need arise. This high level of automation becomes apparent with such installations as the Smart Fire Alarm, Smart Security Solutions etc. But, they also indicate a far improved lifestyle since devices are working in tandem with one another leading to a uniformity of operations that can intrinsically place controls whenever and wherever any kind of need with regards to their use might arise.

But, EPixelSoft is also completely aware of the fact that the potential for innovation and improvement with regards to propositioning product-level solutions is both hard and limitless. Our belief of need applicability from our clients would inimitably result in more profitable circumstances for everyone.

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