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Your everyday Super Companion App

Learn everything you need to know about Ashan® shipping and prepare your next domestic shipment with various tools, services and resources.

Using Ashan Delivery Manager means less worrying about packages being stolen from your porch. Simply request to redirect a package to a secure location.


Supplying Fresh & Natural Water

SWISSTA is the largest purified water brand in DRC Africa. It provides the purest water after processing to the African continent. We have developed a web application for the company that is connecting with their ERP system to manage the leads, orders. SWISSTA is done using the latest technologies and modern UI.

Ashann Portfolio
Ashann Portfolio


All Your Favorite Flavoured Energy Drinks

With all its fruity sensations, Festa is a cheerful slap that wakes up and puts a touch of color and intensity in our daily lives. With 50+ screens, we developed a website and made it easy for users to search and navigate product to their nearest store. Also, collect customized data to analyze the effect of web solutions changes on business goals.

Dover Cosmetics

Best Body Cosmetic Products

The “Dover Cosmetics Ltd.” journey to provide complete skin care solutions to the consumers around the Africa continent was commenced in early 1990’s and started operating officially by 1993 at “Kinshasa- the Democratic republic of Congo”. The brand is proud to mention that the cosmetics experience obtained since 1990 has really contributed to understand skin better & serve better.

Ashann Portfolio
Ashann Portfolio

Ashan - The Food Marketplace

Online Fresh Food Shopping

This is the online fresh food shopping platform, not only for the common people but also for the vendors. Ashan simplifies the daily visiting issues to a marketplace. People can check the price online, place order and make the payment directly in this application. It makes everything easy for the vendors as they find various product at one place.


Tons of Time Games

MILITAKIRI is a new abstract tactical board game, conquer with the aim to remove the opponent's tower pawns from the board an reduce his pawn ranks in power by having them deprived of the opportunity to promote themselves to a stronger rank. The board game is designed for modular play with single or double board.

Ashann Portfolio
Ashann Portfolio

Clean Plast

Providing the Best Ever Solution to Waste Management Problem

Clean Plast is the plastic collecting, recycling and processing company in Kinshasa. They collect and recycle all kinds of waste plastic across the city. They offer an alternative solution to the pollution problem in Kinshasa!

Love Is The Answer

Raising Global Consciousness through the Power of Love

A Social Media Platform built on love! Replacing the love of power with the power of love. With YOUniversal wisdom as our guide! A Mother Earth of Global Peace, Brother Integrity and Sister Compassion. With Humankind(ness), Inner-Balance and World Harmony. Respecting and caring for all our precious resources, our animal friends and each other!

LITA Portfolio
Ashan Portfolio


Monthly Membership Experience and specialized online courses

Learn the sacred knowledge and esoteric wisdom to create perfect balance in mind, body and spirit. Discover your life’s purpose and unlock your highest spiritual potentialities. The hidden treasure map for longevity, reversing the aging process, and how to truly biohack your mind and body with simple techniques according to Natural Law. Uncover the ancient secrets to Health, Happiness, Joy, Fulfillment & Self Love!

CME Programming

Live Programs. Online Programs.

Med Learning Group has expertise in developing both live and online activities that are innovative, case-based, interactive and patient-centric in nature through CME programming. They are experts in applying adult learning theory and principles to the programs and, more importantly, understand the nuances of our specialty audiences. They design programs for physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare practitioners and have a deep understanding of how to educate both specialty audiences and general practitioners.

LITA Portfolio
Ashan Portfolio

Practice Growth

A Community for Practice Growth

Practice Growth is an online community dedicated to helping doctors, practice managers, and healthcare teams grow on the business side of the practice. When the practice rocks so does the patient experience.

Based in the NYC metro area with colleagues scattered throughout the US and the world, they’re a diverse team of healthcare professionals, designers, technology geeks, developers, and writers. They all share a passion for healthcare, innovation, entrepreneurship, and love talking shop with a hot cup of tea around a whiteboard.

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