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Welcome to Ashan!

Your everyday super companion app

Learn everything you need to know about Ashan® shipping and prepare your next domestic shipment with these tools, services and resources.

Using Ashan Delivery Manager means less worrying about packages being stolen from your porch. Simply request to redirect a package to a secure location.

Welcome to Spring Sense!

You never know how much health means to you. Until someone close to you gets infected. And the last thing any parent wants to see is their kid fighting a potentially debilitating disease.

We’re all parents, and we were looking for ways to protect our kids from dangerous mosquitos. Our research led us to natural aromatherapy solutions that should repel all types of mosquitos.

Welcome to MyFollowUp!

My Follow Up is a lead management app

Fed up of losing potential client leads? Congratulations, you are at the right place. Our Lead management solution which will help you in capturing, tracking and managing potential client leads with just a few clicks. We change the way of online business advertising, by eliminating marketing headaches of organizations.

Welcome to Swissta!

SWISSTA is the largest purified water brand in DRC Africa. It provides the purest water after processing to the African continent. We have developed a web application for the company that is connecting with their ERP system to manage the leads, orders. SWISSTA is done using the latest technologies and modern UI.

Welcome to Vegafit!

A fitness app that will help you check out, track and monitor your fitness workouts and goals. We develop this app for both Android and iOS platform. After the internal team discussion, we also analyzed and suggest some interesting and useful things like users can have their actual data about long they are running, how much their calories burnt, their actual steps of a package tour.

Welcome to Festa!

With all its fruity sensations, Festa is a cheerful slap that wakes up and puts a touch of color and intensity in our daily lives. With 50+ screens, we developed a website and e-Commerce solutions made it easy for users to search, buy, and navigate product to their nearest store. Also, collect customized data to analyze the effect of web and e-Commerce solutions changes on business goals.

Welcome to LoveApp!

Love app is a dating app — use the Swipe Right feature to like someone, use the Swipe Left feature to pass. We used a variety of exercises to understand the audience and their goals and to develop a UX strategy that would meet the needs of app users. Through this process we were able to uncover insights like the value of having offline access, social sharing and the two distinct audiences that would be using this app.

Welcome to Filafil!

Filafil are one of the largest and leading Polypropylene (PP) Woven Bags, PP Woven Sacks and PP Woven Fabrics manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Thier wide range of best quality products include Leno Bag, Mesh Bag, FIBC Bag, Jumbo Bag, Tarpaulin and many other. They provide excellent quality packaging solutions as per specifications, dimensions and weights of our customers.

Welcome to HOBO!

The HOBO app allows customers to use the HOBO ridesharing services and seating scheme for long-term travel across the US. The intuitive interface and powerful reporting of the app is helping small businesses in the US grow faster and easier than they ever thought possible. With the help of our team, we created the #1 rated Ridesharing solution in travelling app.

Welcome to M10TEK!

M10TEK has been an SAP Platinum Partner for over 15 years! M10TEK has a solid presence across North America cities with offices located in Atlanta, Cancun, Vancouver, Philadelphia and Durango. We are prepared and experienced to quickly engage the best SAP Platinum Level Consultants.

Welcome to Air Filter Pro!

Air Filter Pro provides air filtration services and products to businesses and facilities of all kinds. Our preventative maintenance program will provide you with peace of mind that your air is cleaner. So why use Air Filter Pro? Because we distinguish ourselves at the core of our business by following these principles, which we strictly operate by Reliability, Consistency, Professionalism, Efficiency, Quality and Performance.

Welcome to Dover Cosmetics!

The “Dover Cosmetics Ltd.” journey to provide complete skin care solutions to our consumers around the Africa continent was commenced in early 1990’s and started operating officially by 1993 at “Kinshasa- the Democratic republic of Congo”. We are proud to mention that the cosmetics experience obtained since 1990 has really contributed us to understand skin better & serve better. It has completely been our privilege to serve our consumers successfully with our diversified and unique range of personal care products such as creams, lotions, shampoo, talcum powders, oils, gels, soaps etc keeping their needs, quality & price in consideration.

Welcome to MILITAKIRI!

MILITAKIRI is a new abstract tactical board game, conquer with the aim to remove the opponent's tower pawns from the board an reduce his pawn ranks in power by having them deprived of the opportunity to promote themselves to a stronger rank.

The board game is designed for modular play with single or double board.

Welcome to Ashan!

Learn everything you need to know about Ashan® shipping and prepare your next domestic shipment with these tools, services and resources.

Using Ashan Delivery Manager means less worrying about packages being stolen from your porch. Simply request to redirect a package to a secure location.

Welcome to Mental Health Intervention!

We are innovating and adapting continuously to the local needs and global trends of child and adolescent mental health. Therefore, our focus now includes working on prevention, awareness and empowering the community. We are increasingly involved in the wider community through our outreach programmes, and are trying to build capacity through our training courses.

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