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A Startup's Guide to Choosing the Best AWS Cloud Solution

As a startup, choosing the right AWS cloud solution can be overwhelming. Our guide will help you navigate the cloud and choose the best AWS cloud solution for your business. Learn about the different AWS cloud offerings and which one is right for you...

6 Myths about cloud solutions for small businesses

Cloud solutions have been transforming the way businesses operate, offering a myriad of benefits such as increased efficiency, cost savings, and flexibility. However, many small businesses are hesitant to adopt cloud solutions due to several misconce...

Cloud computing misconceptions

Cloud computing has been rapidly gaining popularity as an effective tool for businesses of all sizes. It offers a range of benefits, including cost savings, improved scalability, and increased flexibility. In this post, we'll explore five common mis...

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Small Business

Cloud computing has become an increasingly popular technology for businesses of all sizes. It offers numerous benefits that can help small businesses grow, increase efficiency, and compete with larger organizations. In this blog, we'll explore the im...

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an ever-growing revolution in the IT industry, and it is redefining what it means to access data, applications, and other services online. We will explore the incredible benefits of cloud computing, from its cost-effectiveness to i...

Top Cloud Computing Trends (Epixel Software)

Cloud computing has come out as one of the tech winners over the course of its development and evolution. With companies around the globe adopting a cloud data center infrastructure, the technology is set to rule the roost in the future, with some of...


In this talk, let us explore how to create robust, highly accessible systems using circuit breaker and bulkhead design patterns that help provide service and consumer guarantees irrespective of QoS breakdowns in operation.


In this blog, we are discussing how a wide range of Container Orchestration tools has become essential for deploying microservice-based applications & what we need is a good content management system that is reliable.