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This year's Software Trends that cannot be ignored- AI, Blockchain, and PWA

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 03-Feb-2020

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There's a lot of buzz about next-generation tech, and how it's infiltrating horizontally and revolutionizing the way we're working across the board. Some of this buzz has some validity, especially for AI, Blockchain, and Progressive Web Apps.

What Makes Biggies Like Google, Instagram and Facebook use Python?

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 20-Nov-2019

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Big names like Instagram and Facebook also rely on Python to a large extent. Websites still use Python as their programming language and are still considered one of the top 10 programming languages.

Five Programming Tools for 2020 and Beyond

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 07-Nov-2019

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While keeping up with the latest programming languages and techniques is always wise, coders should also keep up with the many new tools that help make their creations relevant to new generations of users.

Best DevOps tools of 2019

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 04-Nov-2019

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DevOps ' development pace is one of the best decision-making processes in development, especially when using external software and platforms. Individuals working in the DevOps world rely on effective techniques in managing certain projects.

What’s New in Angular 8.0 : Introducing the Ivy Rendering Engine and its Features

By - Sunil Kothiyal | 31-Oct-2019

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Angular 8 is Google's first major release in 2019, focusing primarily on the toolchain and also making it easier for users to create different types of applications along with improvements in performance.