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Google Cloud Security: Keeping the Advantage Strong

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Cloud security is a top IT priority for enterprises as organizations are modernizing their critical business systems both on-site and in the cloud. Their goal is to provide advanced security solutions that help to deliver a good advantage, beginning with the development of the safest cloud platform for products that directly carry the power of Google's global infrastructure and threat intelligence to your data center.

Virtualization means creating Virtual Storage Devices, Networks, and Computing Platforms in today's computer world. There are many approaches that completely follow the Virtualization concept. Cloud Storage, Cloud Desktops, and Cloud Servers are some options. A cloud server is Virtualization focused.

Today at the RSA Conference we are introducing new technologies that provide protection wherever the systems and data of our customers reside, including capabilities for threat detection and timeline in Chronicle, integration of threat response between the Cortex XSOAR Chronicle and Palo Alto Networks, and online fraud prevention services.

In 2019 Chronicle released its security analytics platform to help change the way every company in its organization could investigate warnings and threats easily, effectively, and affordably.

This year, as part of Google Cloud, we will demonstrate how customers can detect threats using YARA-L, a new language of rules built specifically for modern threats and behaviors, including the types defined in Mitre ATT&CK. This advanced detection of threats provides massively scalable, real-time, and retroactive execution of rules.

We are also implementing smart data fusion through the Chronicle, a combination of a new data model, and the ability to automatically connect multiple events into a single timeline. With Cortex XSOAR, Palo Alto Networks is our first partner to integrate with this new data structure to enable even greater threat response. This integrated capability will be demonstrated in Google Cloud / Chronicle.

An introduction to Cloud Hosting at Google

Google's cloud hosting software is known as Google Cloud Computing. Google provides free Cloud Hosting with a free trial option for the first 12 months. You can then apply for one of the Google Cloud Storage Pricing plans available afterward. Google Cloud Platform Pricing plans can also be reviewed to take advantage of the various services Google provides.

If you don't want to go with any of the Google Cloud Platform Pricing plan or the Google Cloud Hosting Pricing plan, you can also choose the free version of Google Cloud i.e. Free tier on Google Cloud Platform. The tier free of Google Cloud Platform offers the prospect of using and learning Google Cloud Free services.

Advantages of cloud hosting at google

  • Better pricing plans

Google Cloud Hosting Plans are cheaper than other Hosting Platforms. Compared with its competitors it has better pricing plans. Google Cloud Hosting Service has Billing Plans per Sec. To make use of this service, users need only to sign up with all the necessary details. He/she just need credit card details or bank details.

  • Thanks to the private network

Private Network users get maximum time and performance. A private network means Google provides each user with its own network so they have more network power and scalability. Private Network is the backbone of Google Cloud Hosting. These are more effective than any other cables when it comes to fiber-optic cables.

  • Live Migration Benefits

One of Google Cloud Hosting's top advantages is live migration. It is also the biggest advantage since both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure do not provide this advantage. It consists merely of Virtual Machine Migration. Google Cloud Hosting allows users to migrate their machines, by having such a large network.

  • Control and Protection

It has its own model of protection which currently secures Gmail, YouTube, and other products. Google has recruited a large number of Security Professionals who are helping Google protect server data. All the data is encrypted on Cloud Platform Services. Google has a strong ISP network which helps Google secure its network. Google also does process-based work.

  • Automated backups

Redundancy means it can be reduced if something is no longer required. Google has its own automated backups built into the system. If some component element doesn't work, then Google does create a backup. This means that you store your data at various locations (minimum of two locations). In the event that something happens, users will not lose their details. Redundancy allows for guaranteeing data integrity.

  • Prevent fraud and abuse with Business and Cloud Vulnerability reCAPTCHA

You need to protect your customers, to protect your company. To support, we're announcing the general availability of reCAPTCHA Enterprise and Web Threat API. Both tools are underpinned by two Google security innovations that have covered billions of web users and millions of websites for more than a decade-reCAPTCHA and Google Safe Browsing.

ReCAPTCHA Enterprise facilitates in protecting the websites from fraudulent activities such as scraping, credential misuse, and automatic account creation. Protecting the web from bots has become increasingly important with rising threats such as credential stuffing attacks where malicious actors can test large volumes of infringed passwords against legitimate sites.

ReCAPTCHA Enterprise recently added a new wave of commercial-grade bot defense capabilities to help ensure a legitimate user, not a bot, attempts to log in. Google Nest uses reCAPTCHA Enterprise to help the actors seeking unauthorized access to accounts and devices prevent automated attacks.

Using the Web Risk API, enterprise customers may allow client applications to test URLs against Google's constantly updated lists of unsafe web resources to prevent malicious content from being accessed or included. Web Risk API warnings and includes information on more than one million unsafe URLs that we keep up to date in Google Secure Browsing by analyzing billions of URLs every day.

Safety at Google Cloud in 2020 and beyond

Our work will never be finished when it comes to security. In addition to the capabilities announced today, we will continue to empower our customers with products that help organizations modernize their security capabilities in the cloud or in-place.

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