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Category: Mobile Technology

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How Mobile Apps Ruling the Health-Care Industry

App development companies are increasingly developing technology methods to effectively improve the functioning of business industries. Mobile application development is an intrinsic resource for accessing consumers and maximizing the value of the... Read more

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How to Launch an App in the Right Way

Are you preparing to launch an app? Then having it right the first time around will save you headaches and stop you from having to go through a plan to rebrand your app's image. A perfect start can be made your brand grow rapidly.

So with all th... Read more

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How much does it cost to Build an App like UberEats/ Swiggy/Zomato?

Restaurant and restaurant companies are among the first to grow and expand in the hospitality industry. With an enhanced demand for healthy eating, more and more restaurants are coming up every day. Customers have found more convenient methods to ... Read more

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How much Money can you Earn with an App in 2020?

A lot of cash is available in applications. There are trillions of dollars. It is difficult to put a single figure on how much income an app can generate due to the broad spectrum of applications and the disparity in the cash they produce. If you ... Read more

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How much Does it Cost to Develop Multi-Vendor Grocery App

Most people especially women love shopping and picking up items for their personal and home use. And when it comes to food products, they ensure that their pantry and family have every vital item. Now, the development of multi-vendor apps is occup... Read more

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How much does it Cost to Build a Taxi App like Uber or Lyft?

Above all else, Uber is the taxi requesting application utilized by millions because of its exceptional service for individuals. There is no finish line you cross after spending a ton of time in development where you get to sit around and enjoy th... Read more

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Mobile App Development Companies are Integrating Wearable and App

Technology is evolving quickly, making preparing for the future difficult. But wearables and app integration technology are gaining momentum in fresh and interesting ways. This is one area where you can plan ... Read more

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How to Develop Own Dating Mobile Application

As you already understand, many apps are already flooding the location-based dating app industry. But still, as people want to come out of the swipe world and experience something new and unique, the demand f... Read more