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How much does it cost to Build an App like UberEats/ Swiggy/Zomato?

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Restaurant and restaurant companies are among the first to grow and expand in the hospitality industry. With an enhanced demand for healthy eating, more and more restaurants are coming up every day. Customers have found more convenient methods to discover the finest cuisine, which has led to the growth of applications for restaurant finder.

Zomato and Swiggy were at the core of assisting clients to find restaurants, ordering their finest meals and delivering them at their doorstep. Because of their high-quality characteristics, these applications have been able to satisfy user expectations in every manner. By creating an app like Zomato and Swiggy, you can also take advantage of this demand for restaurant finder applications.

This app development information will show the features to be included in your iOS app development in order to assist you to create a successful app. It will also address some of the variables that will determine your food distribution app's development price.

Components of App Development

All the food supply category applications have four primary parts. These categories include the restaurant side, admin side, customer side, and delivery side. These four components work together to allow the app to function as one.

Customer Side

The customer's side is actually what customers see when they log into the app on their computer. This involves finding restaurants, ordering food, booking, paying for reviews and leaving. That's what makes your app or breaks it.

You can have the entire background process well in place and well oiled, but if you can't present your concept to the customer in a good way, it can be a very heavy job to acquire and retain customers. Your customer-side app should have features that make life simple for your customers.

It should be designed for velocity, a slick user interface must be in a location, a strong safety standard must be in location and, most importantly, a payment portal must be incorporated into the app.

  • Secure 
  • Search filter
  • Notifications
  • Check order
  • Push Notifications
  • Payments and checkouts
  • Nearby Restaurants
  • Dedicated Customer dashboard
  • Registration through email
  • Features for Seller
  • Social Media sign-ups and logins
  • Search Restaurant options based on names, cuisines, nearby restaurants, and locations.
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Call feature for restaurant and even delivery experts
  • Showcasing veg or non-veg options
  • Tracking the food and delivery professionals
  • Review and rating the restaurant as well as the delivery team
  • Various payment options such as digital wallets, COD, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • Integrating social media accounts for better delivery and flow

Delivery boy app

The delivery expert guarantees that the ordered food is delivered easily. The shipping login allows all customer orders to be tracked by the shipment. It includes several extra characteristics;

Check orders

This enables the delivery expert to check all current orders and their shipping time. It also involves all orders that have been finished and pending. This facilitates adequate planning.

Accept or reject orders

This characteristic is crucial in order for the delivery expert to acknowledge the orders that may compete. In addition, the delivery may reject orders that cannot be finished in the event of emergencies or orders placed in the past.

Delivery history

This enables all finished orders to be tracked by the delivery individual for a specified time period. It can be after a week or even a month.

Call to Customers

This function enables the delivery expert to call the client and get information on shipment if they are left out or if they are not sufficiently evident. These details may be an email or any other data.


All delivery expert applications need a Geolocation function to allow them to track their location for delivery. The E-sign page enables clients to sign in order to verify receipt of their order.

  • Registration of every delivery professional
  • Personal profile of the delivery expert
  • Order management that normally includes receiving, approving, rejecting the orders, the order pickup, and drop locations, order size, etc.
  • GPS system in order to locate the pickup and drop locations
  • Updating the status of the order delivery which will be shared to you, the restaurant owner, and most importantly, the customer

Restaurant Side

The user side of the restaurant is what restaurant managers see when logging into the app. Some of the characteristics they see include applications and client profiles. The majority of app characteristics are shared by clients and restaurant owners in most food distribution applications.

Features for the restaurant side

Let's look at what your customers and partners should expect from your On-Demand Food Delivery App :

Owner / Restaurant Dashboard:

You will have to develop a dashboard where your partner restaurants can see their orders, update their details regarding menu, prices or offers. This dashboard will basically serve as the single point source of interaction between your customers, your app and the restaurant concerned.

Mobile App Features for the Restaurant Owner

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Registration
  • Content management such as restaurant info, photos, menu, opening and closing time and many more.
  • Order management that includes receiving orders, processing orders, and tracking the orders & receiving the payments once the consumer receives the order

Admin side

Finally, the admin panel is used to handle the application as a whole, including all the user's operations.

Key factors that determine the cost of restaurant mobile app

App design

Zomato and Swiggy applications have an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface design. This makes them attract more customers and maintain them. Choosing a good app development company that utilizes sophisticated instruments to assist you to develop an excellent app design is a good thing.

App size

This is the number of features you are going to include in your app. The more features your app will have, the larger it will be to prevent incorporating many unnecessary components to begin with a minimal viable product. An MVP has few characteristics that will allow you to add more characteristics after launching the app on the market later based on user preferences.

App development team

The sum you pay to developers will also be included in your app development price. This price differs from place to place. The development team will be made up of project managers, UX / UI designers, platform developers, web developers, and testers. Choosing an app development business that suits your budget is crucial.


Consider designing an app that can be used across various platforms to produce an app with a competitive benefit. Compared to selecting one platform, this is however costly. Android, 05 and windows are among the major systems. Compared to iOS devices, apps created for Android devices are cheaper.

Of course, this estimate will rely on the above variables. The better you want your app to be, the higher the price of developing the app.