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16 Jun


Blockchain is the most talked-about technologies in the business right now. Blockchain tech has the potential to drive major changes & create new opportunities across industries – from banking & cybersecurity to intellectual property and healthcare...

Artificial ingelligence-epixelsoft

This blog speaks about all those opportunities where AI can help fight the COVID-19 pandemic while controlling further damage.


In this blog, we will discuss how chatbot is helping to spread knowledge about coronavirus and to help with customer queries. Below are some of the well-known chatbots that supported industry during the COVID-19 era.

A.I.- EPixelSoft

Read how Scientists, professionals, and medical care experts worldwide are applying A.I. to understand better and contain the virus that causes COVID-19. This will allow them to treat infected patients better and potentially create vaccines.

Virtual Reality- epixelsoft

Let’s find out which are the different industries that can leverage the virtual reality application development in the future.