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How Wearable Healthcare Devices Deliver the Next Level Benefits

22-Oct-20196  Min Read ,  54

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People have become very busy in this digital era to take care of their health in a traditional way. It requires extra time to get a doctor's appointment and we have to wait for some time for any testing, wait longer for diagnosis and recommend tre...

Can Big Data and Blockchain Work Together? Here is How

21-Oct-20196  Min Read ,  150

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Each industry on the planet is in question as to whether the Blockchain technology will be its most influential asset or its greatest threat, and companies are moving rapidly into space, guided by a fear of missing the "Next Big Thing."


What is Ripple Blockchain App and How Does it Work?

18-Oct-20195  Min Read ,  147

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Ripple is an electronic, distributed network system set up in 2012 to transfer payments. It was launched through blockchain technology in the market to support international payment. The Ripple App's main objective is to securely facilitate the tr...

How do Chatbots Help the Businesses

17-Oct-20195  Min Read ,  148

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Nowadays, chatbots benefit businesses by getting more business customers. Implementing the development of chatbot as the way of communicating with the customer is becoming more important for responsiveness in business and this has remained to be a...

Automating Artificial Intelligence for Medical Decision-Making

16-Oct-20196  Min Read ,  216

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Artificial intelligence is a seaming transition that captures almost every modern field in the technological modern world. AI's role becomes inevitable more especially in simplifying the medical domain's strenuous risk. AI is actually the technica...