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How UX Design can Help you Connect to Different Generations

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Imagine having the opportunity to reach out to every customer to make sure that they understand to appreciate the product personally while exposing themselves to potential customers looking for a product. Unfortunately, that is not something you can do at once, and that is why your company website does it for you. A reliable website is one of your greatest assets, and a touchpoint to make or break.

Various age groups have different demands. Diversity is one of the major things that make the web amazing. Henceforth, the focus needs to be put on understanding and appreciating the difference that age can make in building a digital forum. It can be a challenge to build UX according to the various age groups, but the consequent production and use of the interface change traditional software behavior.

The value of good UX

An article by Impact analyzing UX's market interest notes that 61 percent of users move to another site if they are unable to locate what they are searching for instantly. While bad UX can cost them customers and money from their businesses, good UX can bring them in. A well-planned website that is easy to use and has excellent content can make a potential customer a regular one.

The way you conduct UX decides whether your website will perform or not. You already know that consumers differ demographically and psychologically. Still, they also vary generationally - meaning that, if not well planned, your website or app design might unintentionally drive away your customer base.

Designing for your consumer

When it comes to design, different generations need, expect, and are comfortable with different things. Websites, therefore, rarely follow a single size fits all formula despite common misunderstanding. While you may want to reach every consumer, priority should be given to your primary consumer. You can then integrate factors that appeal to this customer category into your website design.

Using UX to connect with different generations

Many age groups have different needs than digital platforms, as we have seen. And how do those generational differences turn into designing for the UX? It has been described that making the interface user friendly depends on a few factors: Fonts, color and contrast, gestures, expression, and navigation, and flow or UI chart of the user. Below are some of the metrics that benefit from this work when developing UX for different generations:


Young kids want the show. The main goal is to keep them busy. The direct target is not necessary for the mind. So UXD for infants allows us the opportunity to involve them through experimentation and interaction.

  • Relate the computer to their characters (TV/movies/comics)
  • Provide feedback about their experiences, and see them return
  • Feature educational and attractive games lasting one minute
  • Implement iconography to appeal to familiar images and to resonate
  • Strengthen their actions via emotions
  • Maintain decluttered UI: minimal elements and simple maps
  • Exciting and bright colors, palettes, patterns
  • Take animation, music, videos, and illustrations
  • Even at far-flung corners, avoid integrated advertising.


Teenagers rely on keeping up with technology. Technology is the most prevalent among adults than among young people. From here, their introduction to the world from friends, family, and acquaintances begins. Interaction with children has been significant, whereas young adults only like interactivity when it serves a function and promotes their current mission.

Evicting Jargon

  • The material should keep them focused on their target, not encourage digression
  • Keep your content young, quick, stylish and fresh
  • Do NOT disproportionate use of animation and sound or express specific things
  • Favor visual content over textual content; teens hate too much reading
  • Maintain safe UI
  • Keep the UI clean
  • Prioritize textual content over graphical material; frustrate and confuse teens by text
  • Integrate only relevant advertising where necessary
  • Ensure that the material appears young and modern, realistic, relatable and simplistic

Young adult

They are the digital natives, the people who accompanied technology before the critical mass technologies were taken over. The now Millenials have been or are involved in testing usability, psychological analysis, and ergonomics. Those are the people who alter business winds.

  • Make searching priority over the discovery
  • Make website interactions purposive
  • Build content which can be scanned easily
  • Explicitly describe goals, objectives, and guidance
  • Ensure that they get their answers quickly and do not have to delve deeply into the information they are looking for
  • Customize a straightforward and accessible UI Map
  • Usability and usability are critical, but the website can't be smart!
  • Prefer words to images

Older adult

Elderly consumers appear to be overlooked, but they are the ones who understand the importance of user interaction and brand, product, or consumer experience. Between 35 and 55, these adults took technology on board and appreciated the importance of good user experience. It requires among them:

  • Highly visible and highly memorable Websites
  • Use very little or minimal animation or movement which could distract
  • The text should be large and comfortable to read, and easy to click on the links
  • Keep your UI Map clear, easy to understand
  • Avoid splitting tasks over multiple screens when memory is needed
  • Provide direct feedback on progress and reminders of priorities over longer tasks


The current user group to embrace the digital world is seniors aged 56-80. The seniors are there to learn and cultivate the Smartphone and tablet habits as their regime. This age group of users over 60 years of age appears to be the simplest but is the hardest to understand. There are numerous user experience design aspects to take care of while designing a' senior-friendly' digital platform.

  • Huge font sizes
  • Transparent visual and audio aid
  • Simple, unique backdrops
  • Video subtitles / audio content
  • The ability to change the text size by yourself
  • A basic map of the UI
  • Do not use the color blue for essential device products.

Quick summary

We see different generations of people on digital platforms having various dependencies and having certain expectations, needs, and demands. In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, where smartphones, tablets, PCs, and wearables have become an inseparable part of human life, serving users with the best user experience is paramount. In a quick view see the UX design for different user generations;

  • The value and importance of good UX for the success of various enterprises today
  • Designing for your consumer
  • Using UX in connecting with different generations
  • We shall look at various designs for toddlers, teens, young adult, older adult and seniors

Final verdict

Although every generation has expectations for what makes a good UX, there are a few common UX concepts that apply across the board to consumers. Each page is designed like a landing page. Creating every page of your website with the same attention to detail that you offer to your homepage guarantees a positive experience when customers visit your site.

Easy to navigate, transparent layouts, and user experience will decide how your client feels about your brand, whether or not you are meeting their needs, and whether your company's product is appealing to potential clients. Use UX concepts such as those discussed above will help you customize your digital experience. It will boost the image of your brand to your client, and eventually, help your company benefit.

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