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Why AI-fuelled Smart Mobile Apps became the Mobile Industry's Face

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Intelligent mobile applications are essentially AI-compatible applications that offer an adaptive, personalized and rich user experience. Such solutions incorporate the authority of predictive analytics and standards, state-of-the-art technologies, consumer information and operational information with the latest design techniques and user-centric development technology to create a high-quality experience.

AI trends have empowered developers to automate Mobile App Development and enjoy the benefits of obtaining a multitude of AI-driven applications and benefiting from the technical features of problem-solving, custom content, application usability, automatic reasoning, image recognition, etc.

The introduction of technologies was a revolution for the development of the human race in every way possible. Human beings have long dreamed of a world where all is automated, and less human effort is required. Although computer technology and technology have evolved, humans have been able to create artificial intelligence that has to some degree replaced human intervention with automated machines.

Developing AI and Smartphone Devices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology has applied its functions from marketing to human resource management to operate the organization even more efficiently, without any human assistance. As we know both websites and mobile apps are the faces of the brand. It provides a connection between the company and the customer and allows them to connect a few clicks with the company.

While the website remains an identity, mobile applications are remote solutions to consumer needs online. The creation of mobile apps has undergone many changes regarding new and innovative advances in technology. The creation of mobile apps has the potential to bring exciting developments in the industry in the coming years.

Because of rising customer demands, real-time access to the brand, and infinite data management, artificial intelligence was also incorporated into mobile application growth to improve interaction with the brand among customers.

Discover 2019 and Future's Best AI Smart Devices

  • Swift keyboard 

The swift keyboard is an AI-driven keyboard that corrects your bad text automatically. Furthermore, the application also provides features such as font color change, design, theme and style, and adding fun to your emotional conversation.

  • Socratic

Presented by Google, Socratic is a smart app-based AI which simplifies the learning process. The application allows students to ask questions by taking a photograph of questions or making a verbal submission. The framework comes with optimal Q&A pages, blog links, and videos from YouTube, making the study process faster and easier.

  • Cortana

Cortana Microsoft is one of the best smart applications that have changed our lives. This personal assistant program provides users with different features and functionality, such as file tracking and important documents, setting reminders, summary forecasts, etc.

  • Hound

The development of AI Virtual Assistant App like Hound is yet another perfect example of how artificial intelligence can simplify your life in mobile applications. The app takes voice commands to perform different operations such as getting to know the best hotel, restaurant, or doctors. Another interesting feature of this software is its conversion of speech to text and vice versa.

  • Elsa Speak

ELSA Speak is another common application of artificial intelligence that helps users learn English quickly and effectively. The application has provided expert-designed tests that enable users to learn and speak fluent English in a very short time. Furthermore, the Android and iOS apps are allowing them to keep track of their progress further.

  • IRIS

Another example of artificial intelligence pushing for better services in mobile applications is IRIS. The application lets you access a team member's info in your company. The best part is, however, that multiple users can have access to it.

  • Youper

Available on Android and iOS, Youper is a friendly artificial intelligence program that meets fitness and health. The app is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, allows users to share their social phobia and get motivational tips in real-time. Often enhancing their social relationships and lifestyle successfully in this way.

  • FaceApp

The AI-based photo editing app like Faceapp Production is yet another application that uses AI and neural network technology to create hilarious, even more realistic, Freaky face transformations.

  • Flo

Flo is used in the photo and video assembly process. The program comes with an integrated voice assistant that allows users to give a voice command about the images to choose from and on what basis (based on location, date or tags). Finally, combine with high-quality music optimally. The application also uses algorithms for machine learning, which provide different choices.

Features which have made these smart apps famous

  • Data-Driven

This is a key feature of smart applications used to generate an output signal driven by the data. Intelligent applications collect and analyze data from various sourcesbe it IoT devices, mobile applications, websites, tags or user experiences in real-time. One outcome is that, when asked, you get the right results for almost everything.

  • Exclusion of key inputs

Since realistic distribution is a primary goal in these apps often promotes the ability to place orders without using the keyboard. That means these applications often fulfill orders data in the form of speech, expression, gesture, or image.

  • Context

Because smart mobile app studies the actions and the user desires, it is easy to distinguish between which information is significant and which is not. For this purpose, these applications provide users with information and suggestions about context and relevance. They also remind users about the problems they might face about their current situation.

  • Omni

Last but not least, providing Omni experience is a major feature of intelligence applications as well. Such applications have users seeking a common experience, no matter with which platform they communicate. And make sure they have the same experience across all channels of communication.

Uses of AI System in Different Domains

  • Fintech

This field benefits from better use of smart technologies. The Fintech industry uses advanced AI-based applications together with innovative opportunities for everyone. Such applications evaluate past and current consumers of money and provide a better budget for advisory management.

  • Restaurant

Smart technologies also offer the food industry new opportunities. Such apps not only help users locate the nearest restaurant, book a table and repeat a command, but also offer restaurant owners, user, behavior-based data and help them provide a personalized customer experience. One result of this is that many businessmen are putting more effort into their restaurants.

  • Enterprise

As it now turns out, smart smartphone devices are a ground-breaking addition. This software helps to recognize emergency work of any sort and to distribute work accordingly to people. We also assist with decision-making processes and maintain value development in front of our competitors.

  • Hospitality

Hospitality is another industry with smart right applications making profits. Workers at the hotel are using intelligent AI-enabled software to enhance their plan for customer experience. We use these applications to better know their customers, provide a personalized predictive interface, provide a self-service alternative, use sentiment analysis to enhance marketing, and more.

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