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Why should Businesses use Swift 5 to Develop their Next iOS App

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Swift is actually where Java used to be in the early days. There was a time when Java was going through frequent updates to evolve into a language that could implement Android Domain performance and stability. Swift, too, has been undergoing changes to become a reliable language on which to build high-end, complex applications.

Swift released two versions this year after going through four major changes to the version: Swift 5.0 and Swift 5.1. Both versions have added several notable features that make the language stronger. Let's explore first what the two variants have to offer. The Swift 5 features that make updates an ideal iOS companion.

What did Swift 5 Update introduce?

Swift 5 update is one of the most significant developments to have led to the evolution and different changes. In addition to the revolutionary stability of the ABI, the Swift runtime is also added to the current and future OS versions of the Apple platform: iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

Swift 5 will also come with a plethora of new capabilities that serve as the building blocks of Apple's dream and support offer a new direction to the advantage of swift programming language.

  • Language updates

1. Additional Compiler and Language Updates 
Swift 5 App Development enforces exclusive memory access, both for debugging and build releases. It supports dynamically callable types that improve interoperability with dynamic languages such as JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

It also follows these language proposals: managing possible enum cases, Literal initialization, Introduce user-defined dynamic "callable" types, Supports less than "operator in the compilation conditions.

2. Binary Compatibility and Stable ABI
ABI has been declared stable for the development of the Swift 5 app. As a result, Swift libraries were incorporated into every iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS that was previously a problem when engineers needed to develop iOS apps. The applications will now be easier to develop and much smaller in size, as there will be no libraries in them.

3. Standard Library Updates
The standard library of Swift 5 comes with the following new features set: The string has been re-implemented with the encoding of UTF-8 resulting in faster code. Better support in a string literal for raw texts. The types of the SIMD vector and the Result were added. Performance improvements in Set and Directory.  Improvements in Implementation of string, and providing flexibility to create data text.

  • Package manager updates

The Swift Package Manager comes with a series of new features in the development version of the Swift 5 app, including dependency mirroring, custom deployment targets, target-specific construction settings, and the ability to generate code coverage data. Additionally, the swift run command includes an ability to import libraries in REPL with an executable being built.

Swift 5 also incorporates these Swift evolution Configuration Manager proposals: Dependency Mirroring Platform, Deployment Settings, and Aim at different build settings.

What did Swift 5.1 introduce?

Why should companies use Swift 5 APP PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE, IOS APP, LAB to develop their next iOS.

  • SwiftSyntax Updates

Re-architecture with a separate focus on performance improvement through the use of Swift Compiler parser. In addition, the performance of the visitation of the syntax tree and its related operations has been improved by re-architecting the internal data structures.

  • Standard Library Updates

The Swift 5.1 standard library comes with the following new features, making it extremely easy to understand how to make Swift 5 apps: support for updating and managing diffs on the list of suitable forms.

Working with Strings API- developing and handling contiguous strings, helping to work with Unicode text, and general Range and String.index initializers. Identifiable reduction protocol, vector swizzles, and vector expansions.

  • Module stability

Swift 5.1 allows binary modules to be developed that can be shared with those who leverage the added support of the language for module stability. This, in turn, makes the development of iOS apps extremely convenient and fast for developers. This specifies a new text-based interface module file that explains the binary system API, allowing it to be compiled with different codes.

  • Language Server Protocol

The Swift 5.1 OSS toolchain packages for Ubuntu and macOS include SourceKit-LSP binaries, which is a C-based LSP implementation, and Swift.

  • Additional Language and Compiler Update

Swift 5.1 includes these new language features: property wrappers introduce a consistent context for defining custom access patterns for property values such as- delayed initializers, thread-specific storage, atomic operations, etc.

For single expression getters or functions, the return keyword is not required. Self may be used for the groups and forms of values. The compiler synthesizes default values with regular initializers for the properties.

Benefits of swift 5 to the businesses

  • Quicker launch

The quicker launch time is another advantage of swift 5. Any dynamic library used in this application is stored in the memory and shared between the apps.

  • Smaller application size

Swift 5 makes it compatible with the binary language. In other words, the end result of the development of the Swift 5 app would be significantly smaller for users to run on their new operating system - iOS 12.2, watchOS 5.2, macOS 10.14.4 and tvOS 12.2!

  • Greater Performance

Consumers don't want to deal with a faulty computer. And with the application freeze and crashes being the biggest reason behind the rate of deinstallation of the device, avoiding it is crucial for a company. ABI reliability from the Swift 5 lets apps behave better and offer enhanced performance. 

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