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Innovative App Ideas in 2020 to Skyrocket Startups Business

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Google Play Store currently has an estimated 3.3 million applications and the App Store has over 2.2 million iOS devices offering a total of 5.5 million apps on the two most popular platforms. The generation of this era is so addicted to mobile apps that they put every other detail on social media channels from what we've eaten to what we're doing.

In this mobile-driven world, there seems to be nothing left to do as an online business, but considering these different ideas for new Mobile App Development might help and take your business to the next level. The tech world is gradually filling up with so many different mobile apps that every day you look around and use them.

However, it's not as straightforward as one of the best start-up ideas for the app seems to come up with. It is the hardest thing you have to tackle. If you are considering to develop an app, it is the right thing to do, and this is the right time to do it. 

Top list of the best start-up app ideas to look for in 2020

  • Logistic app

You have made the right choice if you own the leading transport and logistics business or plan to invest in the logistics industry. You can meet your customers or consumers using the logistics app and provide them with a one-stop solution such as fast and automatic loading based on location and equipment, smooth proof of distribution, billing, and secure payment.

  • Ecommerce app

The21st century e-commerce app is one of the best online shopping apps used by every second person right next to you to search for the items online. The online shopping market is growing every day as people tend to shop online rather than walk down to the street in their busy schedule.

You can build a B2B Marketplace App or C2C Shopping App that suits your business model or business needs to provide a better shopping experience for your end customers.

  • Video streaming app

In this field, online video streaming app such as Netflix and Amazon Prime has become the focus. This is the best idea on the site that you can think of. In today's time, people like to watch movies and web series of a variety of genres throughout their smart devices.  You can create an app like Netflix and Amazon Prime by introducing advanced features and giving them an amazing experience.

  • IoT powered app

IoT-driven apps are well suited for those applications that use the internet and are used by you on a daily basis. IoT applications are much needed for devices like Refrigerators, AC's, TV or any internet-connected computer that handles phones and IoT Development Companies and technology. How awesome it is that you can monitor everything with a single device, and that's it.

  • Dating app

Well, these days, this application is the biggest concern of the youth. Since this is the one and only of its kind, it allows young people or individuals who have been single in their lives to find the right partner for themselves, which is quite a social thing in itself. 

  • Car washing app

A lot of working people are not washing/cleaning their vehicles because of the busy schedules, or strong garage rush and crowd. An app that can help users locate nearby car washing services and pick up their car from home to clean up and return. The Car Washing App is the best idea to try if you have been thinking about the company as the market for online car washing is growing every day.

  • Grocery app

This app helps online users find the right grocery stores where they can buy the grocery stores they need and get them to their address quickly. This definition of the web app is not one of the hardest web app concepts, it is one of the most often pulled products outside the culture. 

  • Health/fitness app

You can create an app to keep your customers updated with their fitness. Health applications, Drug Distribution apps and healthcare apps such as Practo, 1 mg, Lybrate, WebMD, fine, Medlife, PharmEasy, ML Xpress (Myra) help patients arrange their doctor's appointment electronically and store their medical information.

You can also build an app to track the fitness bands ' live status, such as the number of steps, heart rate count, total calories burned blood pressure, and more.

  • News app

Creating news apps is one of the best device ideas you can choose to deliver the latest and best news from different national and international outlets. You can develop a news app such as Inshorts that needs features such as social sharing, bookmarks, top stories, trends, news related to all domains, and more.

  • Music streaming app

Ultimately, mobile apps have changed people's attitudes towards music and music listeners ' consumer market. Music applications are mushrooming in app stores. Naturally, when we talk about music apps, we don't always mean the same thing. Someone dreams of a music player, others think of digital audio workstations. Additionally, both of them are correct:

  • Real estate app

We now live in a digital world where everything is done online and through mobile apps, including renting or buying home/house searches. The home buying and renting process is much smoother and simpler as mobile technology makes our everyday lives more comfortable. It is a fact that today's consumers rely on their mobile devices.

  • Online payment app

As the world is transforming with new technologies, cashless payment methods are what today's customers love to see in their mobile apps, and all businesses have updated services and provide convenience for customers to order business products and services. People tend to use mobile apps to buy physically from stores that there is not much time to buy.

  • Social media app

It's now impossible to imagine the world without social media apps, it would seem like a long day of boring school lecture without any co-curricular activities. Android app ideas include all the most popular social media apps and you can develop an app like TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Myspace, Snapchat, Reddit, Meetup, WeChat, Whisper to interact with users and allow them to share


The application scene of today is at a very exciting and promising level. Users are constantly looking for things that make them more effective, more knowledgeable, and apps are the number one tool they use. However, the growing industry is taking advantage of technological advances and mobile applications to look at the increasing numbers.

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