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How EPixelSoft is Trying to Flatten the COVID-19 Curve

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We are in the middle of a crisis, which is completely unpredictable. This began as a health crisis and became a significant economic problem within days and is now on a fast road to being a substantial fiscal challenge. Although reserve banks and governments respond quickly to stabilize the economy and financial markets, many government interventions have not been fast enough to control coronavirus infections, causing COVID-19 disease. Unfortunately, because of the delay, attempts to stabilize the economy would be incredibly costly.

Although several industries have come to a halt to combat the spread of the virus, we realized that our focus is demanding more than ever before. We witnessed increased demand for our services amid the pandemic, with a surge of digitization and mobilization affecting all company sizes.

And, being a leading mobile app development business, holding our client's trust by providing them with uninterrupted services even in these challenging times is also of utmost importance to us. But at the same time, we do need to take care of our staff. Our team is our cornerstone, after all, which makes us stand together no matter what. Here is what we do to produce great results.

Respect and discounts for health organizations around the world

While we all work from the comfort of our homes, our moral ideals do not allow us to neglect the sacrifices of frontline individuals who play with their lives to help the poor. Yes, we are addressing all of the HealthCare Workers around the World. Their assistance and dedication is nothing short of what a soldier is doing for his country at the time of the battle.

We thank all healthcare organizations worldwide for fighting this battle and helping us combat this deadly virus spread. As a token of gratitude, we offer special discounts for such agencies on all of our services that directly assist the Coronavirus relief efforts. 

A change in our style of business

The right improvements to the business model are the secret to success in these hard times. Only if you redefine your conventional business model to fit the situation's demands will your company stay afloat. Even before things were what they are now, we knew it at EPixelSoft.

So we started reviewing our business continuity strategy by asking the team members of the respective department's various questions to find the right solutions. The situation at hand compelled us to think about new ways of changing and delivering on our work commitments. Our team of dedicated developers is currently working relentlessly to fulfill the needs of our global partners. Thankfully our remote business model enabled us to ensure zero COVID-19 cases within our team. All of our staff are safe and sound.

Free of charge testing and maintenance

As we all know, since the start of the pandemic, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 has greatly grown with every passing day, and the conditions are becoming worse. Many brick-and-mortar shops are coming to a close, many businesses are out of business, and people are becoming unemployed.

And a high percentage is our loyal clients. Most of them have developed their company by depending on us for years as regards to technical support. So, we must help them with all that we have in these uncertain times. To do the same, we provide our customers with free testing and maintenance services, which are now part of the EPixelSoft family.

We don't charge even a single penny as a fee to test and keep their apps and website. We hope this step helps somebody in these dreary days to keep running his / her business.

Enabling 100% touchless delivery in our applications

Touchless deliveries are increasing by 40% these days because of COVID-19. Does that mean touchless deliveries are the latest developments in this problematic situation that will comfort consumers? We were thinking about it and found a YES in the answer. Leaving orders on doorsteps or putting a photo of where you need your order dropped off - these are new methods for consumers to get their orders as the Coronavirus spreads out.

As a result, we have incorporated touchless delivery functionality into every app we have been building since March. In these difficult times, we are also adding this module to apps developed by us for free to help businesses stand firm. This is just our little attempt to help the organization flatten the COVID-19 curve.

A flat 40% OFF on production of the grocery app

According to a CNN Business article, several employees of New York's grocery stores have died from the Coronavirus, despite having masks, capacity limitations, and temperature controls to protect them. As a result, many grocery stores go out of business or simply change to the distribution model. The demand for food delivery apps in the US, UK, and Canada is also showing a sharp rise for March and April.

The local grocery companies that have been running offline now are planning to move online by developing grocery delivery apps. To support them in this sudden wave of mobilization, we are offering a flat 40 percent discount on the creation of our grocery delivery apps.

Our customers have full contact with management

To ensure that our clients will not face any problems in the worst-case scenario, we have allocated enough project managers for each project so that at least one of them is available at all times and conditions. A manager is always in the loop along with PMs and our consumers do not feel uncomfortable and uncertain about their projects and offers.

We help companies implement technology solutions

We provide white-label and personalized solutions for this, which are widely used and recommended by companies worldwide. These products can support startups and small businesses in seamlessly running their operations amid the current crisis. Their solutions provide a full tech-suite for companies so they can do everything they want at one location. All solutions are ready to use and can be personalized within 5 days to reach the market ASAP, as per company branding.

Quick summary

As the World try to contain the spread of Covid-19, many businesses respond to this outbreak by asking as many staff as possible to work from home. At EPixelSoft, we have put in place some of the measures to help individuals work remotely. We are going to look into the following Respect and discounts for health organizations around the World.

  • A change in our style of business
  • Free of charge testing and maintenance
  • Enabling 100% Touchless Delivery In Our Applications
  • A flat 40% OFF on production of the Grocery App
  • Our customers have full contact with management
  • We help companies implement technology solutions

Final wrap up

The impact of COVID-19 has created hit us significantly. Economies are failing, unemployment is growing, and companies are out of business because of the emerging vulnerabilities. To companies, the only path to success is changing and improving to maintain sustainability at this point. So, this is what we at EPixelSoft are doing.

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