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4 values of Content Marketing to understand your Customers better

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Businesses across digital marketing landscape can't manage to ensure longevity of their lifespan if they are not fully aware of what their customers think about them as a brand personality.

Customers persona, therefore, is very essential for any business owner.

It is even more critical in the context of today's intensifying market competition that requires every business to arm itself with better understanding of their customers and target prospects, in terms of their behaviors, interests, likes & dislikes, and things that drive them to make a purchasing decision. 

Content marketing has a key role in setting the course of success meant for your digital-driven business. 

As a brand, it is expected of you to have a huge volume of data silos consisting of valuable customer information. And you are supposed to understand how to tap into the information, gain deep insights of your customers, and solve their problems by offering them personalized service experience. 

This "personalized service experience" is a marketing method carrying an underlying motive of enabling your brand to get under the skin of your customers. A marketing undertone of this method also includes winning you a large base of loyal and trusted customers willing to vouch for your brand to anyone. 

In addition, you are also supposed to make out the motive of your competitors as to what they are planning and strategizing to win customers' favor. This approach will help you brainstorm strategies you can use to pan out a unique buyer persona of your brand amidst the growing number of your rivals. 

Content marketing is one of the key strategies you can apply in refining your brand persona all across social channels and digital spheres.

Here are four values that content marketing offers for you to understand your customers better and build a brand with unmistakable identity on the digital spheres.

1. A Customer-Oriented Marketing Approach

A part of content marketing strategy is developing a customer-oriented marketing approach by incorporating personalized messages, products, content, and more drivers that resonate with the discretion of your customers. Eventually, they get to understand what you are offering is exactly what they have been looking for. 

Moreover, content marketing helps you map out a very strategical approach called customer-oriented organization that carries the maxim of improving your brand's relationship with customers by prioritizing their preferences first. 

This is the same content marketing strategy that helps your brand improve customer retention rate, an important factor to improve the credibility of your digital establishment among your customers and for target prospects. When customers start to believe that you are giving them special treatment or honoring their preferences by putting their needs first, the likelihood of your brand creating a massive base of loyal customers is bound to happen. 

The report indicates that 90% of customers really like the idea of personalization, whereas 80% of the customers expressed their interests in doing business with the brand that maintains a personalized approach. 

2. Optimizing Target-Segmented Customers

An important way of understanding your customers is using the insight of their perceptions they cultivate about your brand. Test them and refine the resulting data using advanced targeting capabilities of social channels. 

When you tap into the power of social media in target-segmenting of customers, the resulting data helps you optimize segmenting target prospects from people based on the factor of how they respond to your content marketing approaches. 

For example, a tool called Audience Insights of Facebook can help you gather significant understanding of your buyer persona, along with crucial data related to their geography, demographics and purchase behavior. 

The use of content marketing, in this context, is imperative, in terms of engaging custom audiences of the people with unique content and reach out to new prospects with mutual interests similar to your existing customers. 

To make content marketing strategy more useful in retaining customers and reaching out to prospects, use surveys, quizzes and customized customer experiences to amass a huge volume of data reflecting a holistic customers' insights. 

At the end of the day, such voluminous data will help your brand segment people based on the type of content they engage with. 

Here's how HubSpot portrays some basic information about buyer persona.

3. Building Trust And Encouraging Loyalty

A key role of content marketing includes building a network of loyal customers, which is quite an important part of a successful branding. Unlike those brands in pursuit of winning new customers than focusing on existing ones, your focus should be providing brand content enlightening the existing customers, and win their trust, eventually.  

For your content marketing to be successful in accomplishing that feat, it has to be consistent, along with a certain degree of personalization. You can use the CRM system to understand your audience and offer customized brand content based on their location, purchasing history, and other information. The data can also help you devise an effectual content campaign centralizing around a customer's interests.

A big reason behind building the trust of customers is how promptly you respond to their grievances, or queries. One of the rules of engagement dictates that 42% of customers want a brand to respond to them on social channel within an hour. 

Take a look how Comcast did that.

4. Building A Long-Lasting User Experience

A major role of content marketing is building a long-lasting user experience for your brand. Brand content in the form of engaging and interactive videos, infographics, blogs, and animation can bring forth a lifetime value of your brand, aside from building a long-lasting user-experience that can turn your core customers into loyal supports of your brand.


An important role of content marketing for your digital brand is helping you understand your customers better. This is an imperative part of building trust and encouraging loyalty of your customers, aside from creating positive persona of your brand in the market. 

This becomes even more important, in light of intensifying competition, in which every brand spare no pains in promulgating its presence all over the web world. 

In this context, strategies which are well-devised and implemented can empower your content marketing - the resulting effect of which can help you understand your customers better, and outshine your brand presence far and wide on digital spheres.

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