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Web designing trends -2015

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November is on the gate! This whole year is about to close and we can now commence to look at the bygone year and let’s get ready for coming web trends for 2015. What are the most predicted web designing trends for 2015; this is what I map to attempt in today’s post.

Responsive BOOM

This has been assumed that mobile online search activity would defeat laptops/desktop in 2015. In that case are you ready? If your site is not responsive and easy to navigate on tablets/Smartphone’s, most of the customers will leave your site in between.

The Giant Background Images

Another nail of website designing industry which is thriving like anything and continues to be a big hit is the large beautiful background images and videos. One of the resourceful ways to craft your site stand out is by having great content displayed outstandingly.

Scrolling instead of clicking

Mobile designs are continues to tilt in the direction of the effective and pleasurable browsing experience, scrolling will take over clicking. It’s more sensitive and easier to perform, also shun downloading time and allows for more dynamic communication to take place between the user and the website.

Storytelling through web

It’s not like that every web page has to the epic tale or a fairy tale something but the point is mean is that your brand/company/business is made up of a chain of concepts, values, visions. Make them narrating tool of telling stories about your business concepts, values, and values.

Though we don’t have a magic stick in hand for 2015 with inspiration, predictions, and recent stories we can make Web designing and development more effective in the coming year.