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SEO Guidelines to web designers

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One of the most dangerous blunders businesses make is paying no attention to SEO in the early website design process. These errors are recoverable and can be improved slightly; however hefty guff ups in design can reason long term traffic loss and a downfall path to an unsuccessful business.

It is really important to keep every step of the web design process in mind and be well-informed regarding it when planning about your own perfect SEO friendly website design.

Emphasize on code first then Design

Focus on unseen codes when building your website, use semantic code to form a fresh and easy process. It’s not really important that every visible thing should look good. Structure your pages with descriptive tags.

Image use

It is the responsibility of a designer to beautify everything and they always prefer using the best images which indeed boosts the visibility of content. Be careful, never ever own the idea of replacing website content with images, moreover, you can simply enhance your information with pictures. With Google’s eye, the information inside an image can’t be seen.

Site Map Creation

Forming a comprehensive HTML sitemap page is equally crucial to link every page together. This will aid both users & search engines to locate the content effortlessly.

The Content placing and structure

Ensure you design an easy to readable structure for your content, i.e. headings, subheadings, paragraphs, and links.

Design the Right Keywords

The amount of keyword and balance of keywords play a major role in your Search Engine Optimization campaign. Use all of the relevant keywords but don’t overload them, and place them in dissimilar and suitable places.

Ensure a good loading Speed

If your website is missing a quick loading process in a search engine, then you may lose the opportunity of search ranking in Google’s eyes. Being a designer, this needs to take upon priority – a striking code configuration will ensure your website loads swiftly.

These are some significant ways to make sure your website reaches visibility in search engines.  Take the list of your web marketing goals and employ the tools that are most suitable to attain the results you’re looking for.