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International Yoga Day Special: Adopt Yoga for a Healthy Living- An Awareness Campaign By EPS

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In December last year, the UN adopted an India-sponsored resolution to include 21st June as the International Day of Yoga.

Yoga being a gift of ancient India is not about to exercise but to discover the senses of oneness with ourselves, the world & nature. Last year, with the participation of 35,000 people in the New Delhi event on Yoga Day, the Indian government has set the world records of the largest yoga lesson ever held.

Yoga Day Activities in India

A lot of things are being planned worldwide for this important day. The institutions, both in public and private have taken several initiatives to promote the cause of yoga. While some organizations are busy organizing large-scale yoga programs in multiple locations, some Yoga lovers are raising awareness about the importance of Yoga, the involvement of Yoga in their daily lives while educating how one can do Yoga precisely and correctly.

Most of the Indian State Government has made Yoga mandatory in schools and colleges. Educational institutes have been instructed to organize yoga-related events on 21 June. It has been made compulsory for students and teachers to attend school and participate in yoga sessions.

EPS Contribution on this Yoga Day

EPixel Software is doing its bit while running various Awareness Programmes on Yoga emphasizing on health, peace, joy, love, success for its employees as well as for society.

EPixel as a part of its CSR initiative appeals to one and all to make Yoga a Mass Movement, participate in International Day of Yoga. We EPSians want to make the world understand that yoga is not an exercise system. It is about a very deep understanding of human mechanics – not only of the physical dimension but of all aspects of a human being. Spending just two hours daily can drastically rejuvenate your body, mind & spirit.

EPS emphasizes on well being of its employees. Everyone knows- “A Healthy employee makes a business functioning at optimal capacity.” Yoga can mold your behavior mentally & physically letting one life up to their potential and achieve their goals across the board. Due to the increasingly sedentary lifestyles & time constraints, the workforce is unhealthier.

Many businesses are using the power of Yoga to turn things around and to generate the habit of healthy living among its employees. EPS Healthy Campaign for Yoga day involves all wellness of our employees both physically and mentally. EPS strives to achieve this by

  •  Encouraging employees to use their lunch hours or free time to get active for little yoga steps.
  •  Setting fitness goals for your team, that can be anything from making healthy food choices to covering a certain distance target in a day – and reward your best performers for their achievements.
  •   Empowering employees to make great choices by offering them access to relevant information.
  •   Promoting healthier snacks that on-the-go dietary alternatives to ensure they’re well nourished even under pressure. This includes opting nutritious lemon or green tea in place of coffee/tea.
  •  Promoting Stress Reduction by Offering your employees tips and techniques to handle their anxiety. Improved mental health eventually lay a positive effect on physical health.

Just Remember to- “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”