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How to Launch iOS Application Effectively

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You have an idea and you think your idea will become a success on the mobile platform. Typically more than one billion people using the iOS mobile phone in the world and the numbers are increasing every day. You need to get into the market with your idea before anyone else comes up with a similar idea and beat the game.

Initial execution process must be a deep market and competitor analysis, after that give your app a name and buy a domain name. Create a landing page for web presence.

Hire the best team for developing the application

If you have sufficient workspace then you can hire professionals such as a chief technology officer, a designer, iOS developer, and a tester or team size can be diversified as per the app you are building. But, this process needs lots of money for an in-house team set up. However, outsourcing your app development will save your cost and time. Hiring an outsourcing team will make certain to create your app with high standard designs, clean codes and this will ensure the application launch on time and within your budget.

What to do for a successful launching

When you start building the application, start promoting it from the same day so that at the time of launch your app will reach multiple mobile phone users that will get you a good number of downloads and installation. Here are a few key areas you may work to get more exposure-

Social presence: Social media is the biggest platform nowadays and you can use social media channels aggressively for your launch. Keep updating your social media accounts for your app. You can use social media management tools for automation.

Paid Campaigns: Paid campaigns become the fastest way to get involved with the audience nowadays, you can use facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google AdWords, Bing ads for the pre-launch promotion of your application.

Video Campaigns: Create a promo video for your application and post it on video sharing websites. You also can post the video on your social media websites or web landing page.

Press Release: Post a pre-launch press release on some high DA/PA websites this will also help you to be visible on search engines.

Influencers: Most of the people are writing about the different market niche and most of them are influencers on the internet, you just need to find them. For example, if you are building an online food ordering application, you may see lots of people are writing a lot about food and related apps. You just need to find those people and make a list of them. Contact them and see if they will post about your product on their channels.

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