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How to create Pay Per Click Ad campaign for your business?

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How to create Pay Per Click Ad campaign for your business?

In the first step, open a Google Ad words account via following http://www.google.com/ads/ and fill the required details.

In the second step, you need to prepare the list of keywords that people would take in use to search the sort of business you are running or the name of the services which you offer to your customers. Only use core keyword phrases and then bifurcate it with more details. For example, if you provide website designing then you must use “ Best website designing services, web designing.

Set your daily budget for the PPC campaign. It is highly recommended that you set a minimum budget of $1-$2 per day then save your final settings. Divide monthly budget with the number of days per month. To earn a maximum of clicks, it’s really important to set a good budget that will allow your campaigns to run suitably.

After completion of this step, pick the most appropriate page for your Landing Page and destination URL. This is not suggested to send your customers directly to your HOME page. A great place to get started with the best practices for landing pages. Please include a description with price, offers, shipping costs and importantly ‘click to buy‘ button.

Regular check – Login to your Pay Per click Ad campaign often in order to observe that which keyword is doing well, add new keyword if there is any in your mind which can also go well with the campaign. Make sure that you check the response to your ad copies every so often by yourself to ensure that your campaign is on aim.

Creating a PPC campaign with the right way is always a fun & satisfying journey.