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How much Does it Cost to Develop Multi-Vendor Grocery App

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Most people especially women love shopping and picking up items for their personal and home use. And when it comes to food products, they ensure that their pantry and family have every vital item. Now, the development of multi-vendor apps is occupying the center stage and the number of app development companies is rising.

What's more exciting is that you don't have to visit a traditional brick-and-mortar store or even a grocery store to choose an item if you have a busy timetable ahead. It is time to modify your company strategies strategically with the help of EPixelSoft in order to reach out to more prospective clients. 

Types of grocery app

E-Commerce Grocery Apps

It offers a variety of food products in different customer places. It also enables clients to pick an appropriate delivery time based on their comfort.

Supermarket or in-store grocery app

As online grocery sales are on the rise, even supermarkets, have started offering various items through the app. When the customer is close to the store, they combine the functionalities of both customized and e-commerce food apps using push notifications and beacon technology.

Individual Grocery Apps

There are some mobile apps that only offer grocery products. They enhance consumers ' shopping experience and offer services such as food list, food IQ, and delivery services.

Benefits of developing multi-vendor grocery app

  • It is readily available throughout the year, meaning customers can shop from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Time-Saving
  • Customers can now track their order online and know the estimated delivery time.
  • The apps enable customers to share their valuable feedback and ratings that help improve the services.
  • Attractive Discounts and Offers

Features essential from the user panel prospective

Registration and User Profile

The first important part is the registration page where the user would use his email ID and phone number to register his account. Once the account is registered, a private user profile must be created in which he must fill in some other personal information.

Search and browse products

This is the most significant characteristic of the supermarket app that allows the client to search for a specific item and also helps him browse through the various item categories.

Add to Cart

The grocery app should have the option Add to Cart where the client can add a product of his choice but later he intends to purchase.

Managing the items

Before making the payment, clients can inspect and handle the products so that they are sure that nothing has been added or left behind in the list.

Payment Gateway

Payment gateway integration becomes an important component of most on-demand applications, including grocery, making it easy for the client to pay using the various alternatives depending on his comfort.

Scheduling the delivery and tracing order

Monitor the order status and know when it will be delivered.

Push Notifications

Push Notification is another function that the multi-vendor grocery app needs to have. You can send the best offers and discounts notifications, appealing coupons, etc.

Ratings and reviews

Customers will send their feedback on their use of the app experience to assist you further improve the services and schedule approaches.

Customer Support

The client support panel should not be forgotten to help clients select the correct item they are searching for.

Admin panel features to implement


This is a complete information center where the admin can handle all the customer orders received and create their services fast and on the go.

Inventory management

It helps the admin to conveniently handle the enormous inventory stock. 

Assigning the orders

Once the order has been obtained and verified, the shop executives can assign tasks to the delivery of individuals to deliver the products at the said location.

Real-time Analytics

Real-time analytics assist you to maintain your esteemed customers ' track records and also extract essential information when needed. 

Grocery app features for delivery panel

Geo-location services

Help the supplier readily monitor the customer's location.

In-app chat or calling

If the address can not be traced, the shipping individual or driver can contact the client directly via mobile or internet chat. 

Delivery notification

Together with the order number, it notifies the shop manager that the order may have been requested. 

The App Designing

The significance of the product picture and its description becomes even more important when you are creating a grocery app. 

The cost of developing a grocery delivery app

When we speak about the price of grocery applications, several variables come into play including the platform, characteristics, app development team, pricing model and others, etc. However, on an estimate, the grocery app would cost you around $14k to 18k. Much, however, would rely on your choice of the App Development Company.

Final Verdict

The future of internet grocery prospects are in thriving hands, and as time goes on, this on-demand app's client base would scale up. People are searching for more luxury and convenience, in the future, the market economy will also be boosted by these mobile application development services.