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Have you Heard about the Social Commerce?

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E-commerce has become the industry's most popular method which buyers and sellers both prefer. Nevertheless, as some of you may have already noted, the market landscape is evolving again and soon it will be taking place on a wider scale.

The global exchange has reshaped the online shopping system in a far more competitive and convenient way. The strategy took off in 2016 and has since continued to grow but at a slower pace.

Social media is a completely different world that can be used for any business or anything that may be profitable. Furthermore, for some of us, social media could be a synonym for the internet right now.

The e-commerce method has considerable great influence among internet users. The marketers and brands have therefore integrated social media with e-commerce to start the era of social commerce. So far, though, the initiative is not that great, but it's profitable and has great potential in the time to come.

The meaning of social commerce

The term ' Social Commerce' may be an unexplored' term' for you, but trust me that most of you have at some point in your life crossed your paths with this trend. It is a technique for promoting, branding, and eventually selling brands through social media products. This means you can buy the product directly from social media platforms, instead of going to the website of the company. This is a Social networking platform for the majority of users.

Why businesses use social commerce

The world of social media is the second largest place filled with people in the whole universe after the physical world (excluding the possibility of a foreigner). In addition, people here in the social media world are more likely to engage with each other.

Social media platforms consume a considerable amount of time in our everyday life, whether it is related to their work or just chilling. This makes it an excellent way and a great opportunity for the brands to hit a large number of potential customers who most of the time are unaware.

With the right approach, the company will touch millions of users across the globe in no time with its products. Instead of posting the website of your company on Facebook, you can ask users not to leave Facebook to check out the items.

Here are some of the benefits of incorporating social trade into your business strategy

  • Use social media to maximize your reach and penetrate a large number of users across the globe.
  • Get direct user reviews of your products and know what they're thinking about your brand.
  • Makes a consumer-oriented inventory by asking them to vote on the type of product they want and tailor the goods accordingly.
  • Engages consumers more in the company and brand discussion.
  • Use the influencers/celebrities of social media to gain the trust of consumers in your brand.

Why is Social Marketing still not a big hit?

It's definitely a great idea that could change online shopping, or revolutionize it. However, some factors are still restricting it from becoming a big hit. Despite this, the marketing approach has been a long way through and has experienced continuous progress over time.

However, another industry study from Marketing Week reveals that 56 percent of people like to see their goods through the brands on social media. Another 35 percent track brands on social media to determine where they should go shopping next, according to the analysis. So the question that comes up here is whether users are purchasing any product?

The response is no as the study shows that most people are simply searching for some kind of social media information. Moreover, the same study also shows that the millennials have continued to push forward the trend of' Social Commerce.' According to the report, 33% of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 agreed that they would like to make a purchase on Facebook, where 27% goes to Instagram and many more.

The mixed reaction of customers and users of social media makes it difficult to determine if social trading is an emerging phenomenon or just a foolish idea to sell the goods.


Social trading is an innovative approach, despite the web's changing dynamics. People are more in social media than ever and it's the best time for brands to hit. The only reason I believe to keep the vertical is the confidence and loyalty of the users.

Users are still not ready to exit their shell and push Facebook's buy button. Yet, to meet millions of potential users and double your business in no time, there is no great medium than social media. All you need is to figure out how best to make use of this phenomenon for your brands.

Second, you need to consider your target audience, know what they want, and how you can persuade them on social media that it is really you and your brand. Then you have to know exactly what they're looking for and tailor your presentation and goods accordingly. Starting may be slow, but your company will experience a sudden boost once you get your feet secure in social commerce.

We can not ignore the small businesses running on Instagram, individuals running their business over social media specifically. These entrepreneurs earn more than you could expect as users react to their pitch.

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