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Features, Process & Cost Estimation on Creating an App like Zoom

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Globally, a greater focus is on operating remotely, and companies can do nothing more than embracing this new lifestyle. But the question comes as to how people handle communication problems while working from home? The answer lies in apps like Zoom Video Chat.

The video chat app industry holds great demand in the future. If you are a young entrepreneur with your video chat program looking to enter this market- you're on the right track. We are going to explain everything related to creating an app like zoom in this post, including its method, function, features, and tech stack. 

Why is it essential to make the Zoom video chat app?

Enough room to grow in the market

The use of these apps is not only limited to companies. According to a study, the education sector alone holds more than 10 percent of the market share of the video chat app, and due to schools and colleges closing day by day or giving limited entries there is much more room for the new players in this industry to come and grow.

The video conferencing industry by 2026 will be worth more than $50 trillion.

If you are thinking of making an app like Zoom-your ultimate objective must be to make money out of it, right? And in a market that is stable and thriving, you can only produce revenue. With the growth of the Covid-19 pandemic curve and the cancelation of social events, demand for video chat apps is growing in every sector, driving the need for video conferencing in the long run.

The video chat app has significantly gained a lot of popularity after the pandemic.

As the whole world is under lockdown, people are taking as much technical assistance as possible to work, control processes, and keep in touch with their loved ones. According to a Statistic report, worldwide downloads of video chat apps increased by more than 100 percent in March, with the zoom proving to be particularly unique among people coming together for all intents and purposes while quarantining at home.

Market leaders in the video chat application market

As seen in the section above, the video chat apps market is enormous and is, therefore, divided into several verticals occupied by various large and established players.

Video chat apps for friends and family

These sorts of video chat apps are primarily designed for casual interactions and not for business-related programs and conferences. They are also called video messaging apps, and Whatsapp, Twitter, and GoogleDuo are the best example of this sort of app.

Video chat applications for enterprise

This Video Chat Apps is also called as Video Conferencing Apps, and the applications that fall under this category are designed specifically for business. These can be used for meetings, online workshops, and e-learning. Both Skype and Zoom are well-known examples of this type of video chat app commonly used worldwide for various business needs. 

Apps for video chatting to have fun

This type of video chat apps is widely used around the world for quarantine-time chilling with friends. Apps falling into this category, allow users to talk while playing games. 

Building a video chat app like zoom

Let's see everything you need to do to create a video chat app like the Zoom:

Step 1: Defining your proposal and downgrading your targets

You should perform thorough market research and analysis when refining the idea for your video chat app. Check out your potential rivals' tactics and the impact of your concept on the market. Find out if it is filled with the same kinds of goods, or there's still some room for you to gain a share. Find all of these numbers, and list them.

Step 2: Build app designs that Attract video chat

Make sure that you develop designs that will attract and use a bright color scheme to do so. Also, if you want to attract business with your app-make it subtle, and if you intend to create it for a broad audience group, your designs should be intuitive and straightforward. 

Step 3: Get the backend ready. 

The application server, web server, and database are under the backend creation for an app, and these components will set the backend foundation and on which you can add several features to the device. You can either build your video chat framework backend from scratch, or use different SaaS solutions such as Twilio, PubNub, and Wowza. 

Step 4: Start development.

Before beginning your video chat app creation, you need to clarify what features you want to incorporate into it. There are numerous online SDKs and APIs to help with the development of video chat apps. You just need to find out the right team that can combine everything for you.

Step 5: Test your app.

Before launching your application, make sure that every line of your code works as it should since bugs can lead to failure and leakage of data from the app. A lot of video chat apps struggle because they lack the desired data protection and privacy somewhere in supplying the users. 

8 Must-have features to create a Zoom-like device

User profile management

Every user becomes a unique entity in the ecosystem of your application after logging into your app. With all the data, including display images and usernames, you can identify them using their profile. Do not forget to follow the basic principles when building a user profile.

Onboard app

To retain your customers, make sure the onboarding process for your app is as quick as possible. The onboarding process of an easy and straightforward application acts as a lovely present for your users who install your app. So make sure you do not snap it out of them. Provide them with the option to register in your app using social media or by hand. The user authorization process should also be easy and safe so that they can use it without worrying about their account protection.

Video and voice calls

That is a video call application's most important function. You will need a Publisher-Subscriber template to set it up, which is derived from WebRTC technology. This technology is used by all video chat applications to integrate video calling functions. Make sure users get to see HD videos using your software, and the sound will come loud and clear on both sides.

Text chat

Perhaps your users can't make video calls now and then. But, keeping them hooked to your app is your duty to reduce the user churn rate. So, text chat is going to do the job here. Furthermore, the integration of this feature into your video chat app is very simple. With this, you can use some third-party applications.

End-to-end encryption

This is the kind of encryption where sender and receiver devices are the final transfer point, and nobody in between can read the messages that are being sent. The message is encrypted on the sender's computer using end-to-end encryption technology and decrypted only on the receiver's device.

Group calls

One-on-one calls are good, but ensure that your app allows users to make group calls as well. They might want to use your app to organize team meetings or conferences, so let them do it without becoming disappointed. Depending on your app's target audience, you can set a cap on how many participants you want to allow into your app to happen in a group call.

Screen sharing

This functionality is a must-have for any video conferencing program. This will be used to show other users the contents of one user's computer. Sharing the screen is valuable for streaming games, delivering online tutorials, or even enjoying movies together.

Push notifications

It is a basic function that fixes all the issues that your users are having. Its functionality will remind your users automatically of all the latest posts, calls to keep them updated of new changes, and more features of your app

Advanced features to include in your Video Chat framework


With this feature, the app will detect when someone is talking, and when the person speaking is unknown, it will silence the microphone. 

Emojis and stickers

When you are creating an app, you need to know the importance of usability to draw your device users over and over again. Use it, then, by letting them create custom stickers and emojis to express their feelings better.

HD video

To make your video chat app stand out in the market, you need to take your users ' experience one step ahead by allowing them to see each other in HD resolutions. 

Virtual background

This is an exclusive feature that enhances the experience of video chatting. It helps users to have an image or video used as the backdrop during a conference. 

In-app purchases

This is the feature that can act as a part of your zoom like app monetization strategies. Using it, you can add some features in your app that users will have to pay before using it. 

Price estimate to create a zoom-like feature

Like any other app, the cost of building an app like Zoom will vary depending on how complex it is and what features you want to integrate into it. The cost of developing an app with MVP features alone is between $16k to $ 20k.  The cost of software design and back-end creation will also differ depending on whether you are using a custom solution or constructing one from scratch. All in all, the complete production and launch of a video chat app with all the features of MVP will come in between $30k-$ 40k anywhere. Rest depends on mobile app developers' know-how and hourly rates.

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