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9 Web Design Trends for 2019

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Web design trends have been dominated by rampant creativity and other technological advancements. The following are some of the web design trends for 2019.

9 Web Design Trends For 2019

Animated Gifs

We admit that most people in today’s world tend to have very low concentration spans in almost all websites. Therefore to capture their attention and make them stick there. Animated GIFs deliver compound concepts in a brief, simple and entertaining way. Animated Gifs are usually compatible with most browsers and open perfectly with any device thus very convenient to the users.

White space

Make your website more legible for all readers. Illegible or strenuous materials will further reduce the concentration of the readers. Enough space allows the readers to concentrate and internalize what they read at the same time ensuring that the spaces are not too large to cause boredom.

Flat Design

Flat Design is a minimalist approach to design that includes the use of clean and open space, bright colors and simple two-dimensional illustrations. This design style began as just another trend, but over the years it has grown to become the web design standard.

Conversational bots and computer learning

Since then, it has become second nature to chat with bots. We've seen enormous advances in artificial intelligence and bots ' capabilities.

Improved efficiency by allowing easier and time-saving transitions between cases by giving users instant responses and filtering them to the appropriate contact based on their issues.

Symmetrical layouts

A grid system helps designers maintain alignment and consistency throughout the design and, frankly, enables developers to bring it to life.

However, we are starting to see designers breaking more and more outside the standard grid. This helps designers with their work by having more creative freedom and on a page create a different level of the hierarchy.

Design Systems

In other words, a design system is a collection of reusable components that are guided by a set of rules, constraints, and principles.

Major companies such as Shopify, Trello, and Airbnb have been responsible for the design system by developing in-depth systems and even dedicating pages to them on their sites for everyone to see.

Website Accessibility

If you're new to accessibility, it's about designing a website for disabled people. When properly designed and coded websites, it is easy for people with disabilities to use them.

Organic shapes

An organic form is an irregular and uneven form. This is a nice way to say imperfect, in other words.

They seem to be more humanistic and hand-drawn. These can be used with their unusual appearance to capture the attention of a user and add a personal touch to your site.

Sketch web design software

Photoshop has been the go-to tool for years to execute web design, but over the past few years, Photoshop has started losing ground to Sketch.