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Payment Gateway Integration

The integration of a payment gateway is very important for all eCommerce websites. This option allows your website to accept real time payments without any hassle from your customers—who may be purchasing items on your website from around the world. The rapidly growing eCommerce strategy has made business owners realize that they need to devise secure payment services with multiple options, and make the man essential part of their website.

EPixelSoft provides a liable payment gateway integration service through API – Application Programming Interface. With this solution, we enable our clients to make the payment process simple and easy for their customers. Our programmers, with certified expertise in the integration of payment gateways work hard to fulfill our clients’ business requirements, according to their specific needs and those of their customers.

A current trend is that online shopping is growing at an increasing rate; which makes it important for all websites to unify a payment gateway with their merchant account in order for their customers to be able to buy the services and goods they offer.

We at EPixelSoft, with our professional payment gateway integration services, have aided many clients from across the world. We take care of all the technical details and make buying from your eCommerce platform a secure and easy process.

Payment Gateway is integrated to process credit transactions online when an order is made. There are many banks and payment processors who offer payment gateways to online shopping companies. EPixelSoft provides payment gateway integration services in order to enable companies to receive and process payments online through various methods. We provide end-to-end solutions, and the most popular gateways we integrate are:

Why use EPixelSoft for Payment Gateway Integration?

With our perfect gateway integration services, we are able to create a stable platform for customers who wish to shop online without any problems. We strictly adhere to a set of policies, including compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), for the protection of both merchants and customers.

We provide a comprehensive range of payment gateway integration services.

We implement cutting-edge payment gateway technologies for providing secure payment options.

We make your payment gateway integration user friendly to your customers.

We create easy-to-use payment gateway platforms for an enhanced user experience.

Our effective payment gateway solutions will add value to the online shopping
experience for your customers.