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Our Methodology

We are a premier agency for Web, Software and Mobile Applications


At EPixelSoft Software we are a professional website design and development company, providing the best solutions for all varieties of business IT issues. We coordinate with our clients and organizations to enable them to experience faster growth in their industry and create a better working environment. We also have expertise in dealing with external IT business problems. We have developed many flexible policies which enable our clients from across the world to make use of our services. Our optimum utilization of resources, combined with the implementation of simple and effective methods, enables us to create the website you desire in order to increase traffic and sales.

Our Methodology Process

  • We first try to understand our clients’ business and their concerns. We then make sure that we know what their expectations are, and are more than happy to discuss these in face-to-face meetings, if necessary. We will then provide them with a demonstration which will give them an indication of how can we help our clients meet all of their website needs perfectly and effortlessly.
  • We then gather our design specialists and website development experts in order to execute the application. On approval of the website design for our client, we begin developing the site and move on to the next stages of website development, which is when we make sure that our client’s vision and ideas come to fruition.
  • We then proceed with testing and launching, which is the next step in the process towards the successful completion of the website development,
  • To ensure quality and make sure that the website works seamlessly, our quality control team will take steps to test the website and its performance.
  • Before we launch, we perform a double check and get our client’s final approval of the website.

Post web-development process

Our job does not end with the launching of our client’s website; we continue to work at maintaining the website to ensure it is live and actively visible to potential visitors and customers. We take the additional responsibility of implementing any of the upcoming and newest technologies and plug-ins on the website; thus making it perfectly up to date with the current trends and demands.

Our professional team will continue to work hard to integrate new technologies that will keep our client’s website and business always on top in the very competitive online marketing world.

In short, our website development process begins from the moment we discover our client’s objectives, to the end result of achieving a successful business with a great reputation and recognition in their industry.