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Companies such as HOBO offer ride-sharing or ride-hailing as an alternative solution to the taxi industry.

About HOBO

Try our platform and match your way to a secure, experienced and skilled driver. We're cheaper than an airplane or train and get you there quicker than a bus, picking you up from your gate and dropping you off at your target gate.

The drivers who use our platform were tremendously scrutinized. Drivers authorized for our program are client service specialists.

Reasons to Ride

At HOBO Ride-Rideshare services, we give various dimensions and vehicle classes to choose from. Usually the base level provides a sedan or a car with a comparable amount of seats, although a bigger car can be shipped at no additional charge on occasion. Larger cars come at a greater price and more passengers or luggage can be accommodated.

Clean car

Door to door service

Courteous driver

Transparent billing

How HOBO works

Whenever you want to work. You can select the time you want to operate with rideshare systems. No car cash. Payments for Rideshare are all produced in-app, although you may receive a money tip at times. Prices are rising. When rides are in high demand, prices rise, riders gain more when prices rise.

The HOBO app allows customers to use the HOBO ridesharing services and seating scheme for long-term travel across the US. The app opens the door for all long-distance (outer town) drivers to drive around the town and pick up other riders along a planned path.