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Web designing trends -2015

November is on gate! This whole year is about to closed and we can now commence to look at the bygone year and let’s get ready for coming web trends for 2015. What are the most predicted web designing trends for 2015; this is what I map to attempt in today’s post.

Responsive BOOM

Responsive website design


This has been assumed that mobile online search activity would defeat laptops/desktop in 2015. In that case are you ready? If your site is not responsive and easy to navigate on tablets/Smartphone’s, most of the customers will leave your site in between.

The Giant Background Images

Another nail of website designing industry which is thriving like anything and continues to be a big hit is the large beautiful background images and videos. One of the resourceful ways to craft your site stand out is by having great content displayed outstandingly.

Scrolling instead of clicking

Mobile designs are continues to tilt in the direction of effective and pleasurable browsing experience, scrolling will take over clicking. It’s more sensitive and easier to perform, also shun down loading time and allows for more dynamic communication to take place between the user and the website.

Storytelling through web

It’s not like that every web page has to epic tale or a fairy tale something but the point is mean is that your brand/company/business is made up of a chain of concepts, values, visions. Make them narrating tool of telling stories about your business concepts, values and values.


Thought we don’t have a magic stick in hand for 2015 but with inspiration, predictions, and recent stories we can make Web designing and development more effective in coming year.

web development services

Mistakes to avoid when launching a website

Making a website for your business seems easy enough. But it goes around some most important snags that even good business owners can fall into.

Here are some common mistakes entrepreneurs must avoid when creating their first websites:

  • Think about your users, connectivity, and how they get ultimate user experience from your site
  • Take the aid of professionals. Don’t get confused with lucrative offers by Website Development Services and ask questions as much as you can before hiring a Web designer for your business.
  • Don’t make your website too complicated – This is highly recommendable that you should keep your site simple and crisp; don’t make it very “Techy”. If a site doesn’t load speedily and in browser or mobile device, visitors will leave and never come back.
  • Don’t copy content from other website – Please create your own thoughts and reputation and never copy paste the things from other website services, as they say “it is never recommended to look like your competitors.
  • Avoid mandatory user registration and complicated checkouts – always remember customer visits you for comfort and easiness. Make this process easy and let them surf as much as they want.
  • Don’t think “JOB IS DONE” after Web Development – Always consider this thing as a commencement. Your business is going to demand visits to your website, which is again easy if you take right steps toward it. By sending mails, newsletters, social media optimization, SEO you can easily generate traffic, but to not forget to do that.

Website launching is simply a beginning of new project. You should always be focused on how your website is performing and analyze where it’s lacking and do take your customer’s feedbacks seriously.

Website Development company in India

Do I really need a website for my business ?

Like they say “winter is coming “, December is knocking soon and this is the best time to look back on the bygone year and make strategy for new year that is about to come. We’ve officially arrived at the Golden Age of the Internet, yet there are still many businesses that don’t have websites set up of their own.

Now there is a relevant question to ask, that why I need a website for my business? Why do I need to be on the Internet, if I already have enough business?”

A website can do numerous things for any business which start with representing a professional face, an interactive catalog that your clients can access with freedom in 365 days of the year. Next, a website development unlocks a complete brand new world of advertising and also proves its worth by generating new business opportunity and to retain your existing clients by presenting them the information they require, at the touch of a click.

Website Development may seem like a needless expenditure if you’re not a creative internet user yourself, a very current survey showed that near about 70% of the UK’s population is now connected to internet and 70 % Americans have broadband connection at home – So when the world is ONLINE you must not lose your opportunity by not having a web presence. Keep in mind that everyone isn’t on the same sleep timetable as you and when your store is closed at that also your customers still have an option of finding you.

Website re-designing, E-Commerce web design, responsive & CMS web designs are in great demands these day and there are many exciting things about latest website development companies, which they do to you business.

-They provide you desired platform

-They provide you a user-friendly and SEO friendly web-design

-They use latest technologies

-They provide “Customized website development”

A website is a key marketing tool that continues to pay you back with every passing time. It makes bigger your customer count, improves your advertising and marketing efforts and gives your business a mark of trustworthiness. Don’t let your business leave the game without one.

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