Client Brief:

The client wanted us to contrive an eCommerce platform for outdoor lovers from where they can purchase outdoor and spelunking gears and also he can post his blog with advices and solution for new outdoor lovers.

Our Endeavor:

We have designed the home page and an inside page template for the site. The featured products were displayed on home page using a jQuery slider. We have modified the colors/fonts of our design based on client requirements/ feedback/ suggestions. After freezing the designs we have converted them into HTML and have forwarded these to our development team for further development process.

Client also wanted us to do seo for the site, we have added Yoastn plugin for the same and optimized the site well.

The client is an expert of spelunking gear himself, he also wanted to post blogs on the site with different categories which we have done, the site is in a blog from along with eCommerce integration. We have integrated the PayPal payment gateway in the website.



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