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Our Infrastructure

We are a premier agency for Web, Software and Mobile Applications


At EPixelSoft we understand the importance of having a well-designed infrastructure integrated with advanced technology in order to deliver the finest quality web designing services. We have sourced with world-class vendors who support our company in the organization of a well-established back office operation. Our working environment is furnished with all of the essential software tools, applications, electronic peripherals, and many other resources that support our staff and professionals, enabling them to perform their work efficiently. Moreover, our infrastructure allows us to confidently create a suitable workplace environment in order to perform our online business services in a successful manner.

What does EPixelSoft infrastructure incorporate?

EPixelSoft infrastructure incorporates many reliable and high speed data networks that suit our customers’ requirements perfectly. This is further integrated with world-class technologies, which our support team utilize to serve our clients in the best possible manner. With our well-built infrastructure, we are now highly capable of handling multiple projects, meeting chat requirements, and both inbound and outbound business needs for our clients.

EPixelSoft Service Team

Our service team is comprised of both a support team and an IT team in order to provide the ultimate in customer support to our clients from every perspective. Our support team is highly skilled and experienced, therefore they can respond appropriately to our clients’ inquiries and direct them to the appropriate team member with the expertise to deal with any questions that may arise.

Because our IT teams are very professional—and with our advanced infrastructure being constantly upgraded—they are capable of consistently delivering quality services which are scaled according to our client’s requirements within the desired timeline.

Key Features of EPixelSoft infrastructure

  • EPixelSoft has developed in-house applications for data management.
  • We enable video conferencing with Skype connectivity to easily communicate with our clients.
  • We use our highly configured computer systems for quickly accessing and processing data.
  • We possess both power and internet backup connections to ensure uninterrupted communication and a highly functional working environment.
  • We make use of advanced devices such as smartphones and tablets to test the web applications we develop.
  • We have quality control teams with solid skills to test all designed applications before launching.
  • We make use of new ideas and the latest innovations in the process of web development, which enables us to develop websites and applications within a short period of time.
  • In addition, by utilizing our advanced and fully equipped infrastructure, our specialists have an eye for details, especially where commercial websites are concerned.