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Tired of spending a lot of money developing and installing the software in your business in order to improve its operation? Want a solution for compromised data security in your business? We are here for you. Fueled by passion, backed up by expertise, EPixelSoft deliver quality cloud solutions for your business, bringing out the best of it.

Our works

We are an all-inclusive Cloud Solutions Provider aimed at satisfying businesses of all sizes. We deliver a faster, straightforward way to cloud which deliver the best TCO. We equip you with the knowledge to become accustomed to your cloud and provide best cloud computing services.

Our proficiency in providing cloud solutions is unmatched and definitely one that you can rely on. We have worked with government entities and hundreds of business regardless of their size.

Managed services

Our team of professionals performs managed services on behalf of customers. As a result, your business is able to focus on the core business. We ensure that there is more involved with the customer. This brings best cloud computing solutions.

Disaster recovery

Businesses suffer greatly wherever there is a permanent loss of data. With us, your data is always available. All you need is an internet connection and all the data is availed. Data can as well be deleted permanently from the cloud if one wishes to.

Data security

We ensure that your data is accessed by authorized persons only. All the users authenticate themselves in order to access the data. Having provided such services successfully over the years, our expertise is one that you can count on. We ensure that sensitive data such as data on corporate Intranets and Automated Teller Machines are accessed by authorized persons only.

Customer demand

Having worked with so many growing businesses, we have the expertise to help your business enterprise grow into satisfying even the customers who are very demanding.

Flexibility and reduced cost

We offer cost-effective solutions in data storage. As opposed to installing data centers, we offer cloud solutions that are flexible and more reliable at a very reasonable price.

Our team of engineers will assess your business and check details such as the number of users and memory space to see to it that you only pay for what you get.

We see to it that your employees are well versed to it and they can work from anywhere in the world. You too will be able to monitor operations right from wherever you are. All you need is a fast internet connection to do your business perfectly.

Speedy scalability

Our aim is to see your business enterprise grow. Once there is growth, our cloud solutions provider team will upgrade your package.

This is done in a matter of minutes.

Business agility

Count on our high data analytic competencies and our application data to draw insights for your business.

Why choose us

  • Quality services anytime, anywhere

  • We are a team of world-class cloud solutions providers with great knowledge about cloud solutions.

  • 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Our services are also cost-effective

  • We are a dedicated experienced team that value communication