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    Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Get an Instant & Secure Mobile Browsing with Accelerated Mobile Pages- AMP

    Gone are the days when mobile users often get frustrated of the page’s slow speed.

    Mobile users can now have a fast-loading content experience like that delivered by Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News!

     Yes, It has been made possible through Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.

    Launched in October 2015, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project initiative aims at providing its users a better, faster, secure & effortless mobile internet.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages is a stripped-down version of the mobile web which runs on HTML language. It is an open source initiative that enables publishers to load articles instantly for mobile readers.

    How does Google AMP work?

    There are three parts to Google AMP:


    AMP JS

    AMP Cache

    So how AMP can be beneficial in terms of marketing and search engine visibility?

    AMP let publishers and marketers to have a control over numerous aspects of advertising. Tests have revealed that AMP pages can load 4 times faster.  Some of its benefits in terms of marketing &  SEO are stated below-

    Accelerated Mobile Pages get a boost in search rankings:

    The Accelerated Mobile Pages are not only being ranked above all other mobile results, but also feature a small green lightning bolt logo under the search result making it faster than the others.

    Faster rendering will give more page views and more ad views:

    According to Kissmetrics, 40% of web users will abandon a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load.

    So faster-loading mobile pages would seem to be in everyone’s interest – no-one is going to see an advert or read a brand message if they abandon a page before it loads.

    Studies have revealed a potentially large increase of page views and ad views per unique session for publishers who switch to Accelerated Mobile Pages.

    Support Tools and Functionalities :

    Through AMPs, advertisers have the ability to traffic ads with ad servers of their choice, to support for multiple demand sources and formats (including native ads), and to have full control over ads placements, and viewability measurement.

    Extending publisher Reach:

    AMP-ready or AMP-compliant articles will load faster on mobile devices, thus extending publisher reach.

    Graphic Designing

    Leave a Visual Impact on your Visitors with Our Graphic Designing Services

    Ever hired a graphic designer who promised you a brilliant design but all you got was a big mess? And what’s worse is you have to start over again after wasting months of time, spent thousands of dollars, & hurt your business reputation.

    Nobody wants to get through this awful experience ever!

    Thus one needs to be smart enough while opting Graphic Designing Services for their business.

    With the changing market trends and demands, the need for the integration of graphic designs into the websites has become imperative. Graphic designs will easily improve the recognition of your brand and online portal.

    Epixel is a leading graphic design company, providing quality services consistent with current trends. By utilizing the expertise of our team of experienced developers, designers, animators and graphic specialists, we are able to provide a wide range of services to our clients. Our graphic designing services allow you to become competitive and attract many more visitors to your site than ever before.

    Our graphic design services are based on original and creative concepts. We provide customize services to fit in with your specific needs.

    How we are different?

    Remember Graphic Designing isn’t Just about Photoshop. It’s about Psychology.

    Good designers know all this and much more. They understand that their goal is to influence a visitor’s psychological state of mind and perception of your business by implementing persuasive strategies into your site.

    Our graphic designers are highly creative, and they are committed towards creating unique designs for our clients. We always make sure that our clients have a great experience when they use Epixel and our best graphic designing services at an affordable cost. Hire us for:

    Offering even most challenging graphic designs

    Exceptional quality in our designing services

    All graphic designing services at an affordable and reasonable cost

    Services with No geographical restrictions

    Graphic Designing Services @EPixel

    Our graphic design services include:

    Graphic identity design (corporate or brand identity)

    Logos and graphic design (business and corporate)

    Brochure graphic design (all sizes and finishes)

    Website graphic design (eCommerce sites, service sites, and more)

    Flyer graphic design

    Marketing or advertising graphic design (magazine ads, print and online campaigns)

    Business card graphic designs

    Signage graphic designs (menu boards, trucks, cars, stickers)

    Custom graphic designs (boxes, folders, packaging)

    Envelope and letterhead graphic designs

    Poster graphic designs

    Wedding invitation graphic designs

    Power Point graphic designs

    Business card graphic designs

    Book cover graphic designs, and much more

    If you are looking for a reputable and skilled graphic designing company, then we at Epixel will be more than happy to serve as your choice of professional teams that we may assist you to achieve the graphic design you have been searching for.

    Since graphic design is usually a one-time expense, we ensure our clients get the customized, professional graphic design solutions for a broad range of web marketing materials. We will build you a site that captures interest, holds it, and brings you sales.

    App store optimization

    How to do a Successful App Store Optimization?

    Are you an app developer trying to get your app visible to the masses? If this is the case, then you are on the right post!

    There are over millions of mobile apps located in the major app stores- windows store, itunes, playstore, android apps, blackberry app store, etc. Getting your app discovered in the crowd is the most critical issues being faced by mobile app developers today. Today, many businesses are spending much on search engine optimization (SEO) to generate traffic to their website, but they are almost unaware about the techniques available to increase mobile app visibility.  If you are cogitative enough, then all you need to know is- App store optimization (ASO).

    What is ASO?

    ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. The higher your app ranks in an app store’s search results, the more visible it will be to potential customers. The increased visibility will automatically generate more  traffic to your app’s page in some popular app stores like windows store, itunes, playstore, android apps, blackberry app store.

    Need of ASO

    Being found is one of the most difficult challenges for mobile apps, but it is a problem you can actively solve.

    According to a research by Forrester, 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches. Google too reported “For the average app, search actually makes up the vast majority of installs.”

    The above phrases means that If you’re not using ASO to increase your app’s search ranking, you’re missing out on the largest discovery channel available to your app.

    Want to Improve your ASO? Try these Simple Steps

    Finding the right keywords is an extremely important task. Analyze what your audience are looking for. Mention that keyword in your title. This can improve your app’s search ranking for that keyword by an average of 10.3%. Tracking your keywords, rankings & updates about your competitors will ensure you are still in the game.

    Ratings and Reviews – Apps with higher ratings ranks higher. Make your happy customers to write positive reviews for you.

    Give your App a perfect description including your keyword.

    An eye-catching App logo will further ensure your popularity among the users.

    Businesses apply various marketing tools like SEO, SMO etc to make their website stand out in the crowd.  ASO is SEO for mobile apps. To present your app to the right audience, give a try to ASO.  By performing ASO on your mobile app you are making sure that it shows up for relevant search queries. As a result, you will get higher visibility, higher ratings and finally higher number of downloads too.


    EPSians Adventurous Trip to Shivpuri Rishikesh

    It was yet another lazy Friday afternoon at work when suddenly our boss intimated us for a weekend trip to Rishikesh.

    Rishikesh is just 35 kms from Dehradun and is known for its adventurous activities & locations,  yoga & meditation and ofcourse temples and ashrams, most of them situated nearby famous Ram Jhula & Laxman Jhula.

    Among the adventure seekers, Rishikesh is the most suggested place to start trekking expeditions to the Himalayan Peaks and for the White River Rafting.I don’t know exactly, but probably this may be the reason, why it is called- “The Adventurous Capital of India.:)

    We have been blessed to experience this amazing trip by our office.

    EPS has organised this Rishikesh trip for us on 2nd-3rd April 2016. We were too excited for this wonderful trip. Here is a step by step description of the activities we enjoyed during our trip to Rishikesh:

    Day 1: 2nd April

    We left at 8:00 am from Dehradun.

    10:00 AM: Touch down at Rishikesh. Headed towards our booked camps at Shivpuri, the launch site for river rafting. We kept our luggage in the Camp and walked for a short survey of the place. Had snacks & tea. Being near to rivers & hill sides always let you feel cooler no matter if its a summer day ;)

    11:00 AM: Its time to play!! The male staff opted showing their expertise in the games like Volleyball & Swimming, the female staff opted playing badminton. The prime attraction of this place was the beach side seating arrangement with the beautiful view of river Ganga rejuvenating our body & soul. Everyone of us found it really an awesome place to be.

    1:00 PM: Went for Lunch

    6:00 to 9:00 PM: In the Late Evening, the Camp guys set a Bonfire at this place for us which made the place more beautiful. We sat at that place playing antaakshri for 3-4 hours. The cool breeze and lovely sound of the water made us feel on top of the World. The whole scenario was greener, hillier and quieter.

    Next day- 3rd April

    4:00 AM: Waked up

    8:00 AM: Breakfast, badminton

    9:00 AM: Time for River Rafting Yehhhh!! Rafting begins in half an hour. At about 9:00 a.m., we reached the spot from where we had to start our Rafting.

    9:30 AM: Rafting Begins.

    We were all given a 5 minute training about the rafting. The rafting guide instructed us the rules & procedures like how we need to sit on the edge of the raft, how should we hold the paddle, when to take a pause etc. Everyone was hearing the trainer very carefully, but I knew that no one will follow any of the rules :D But anyways!! Its time to Raft now!!

    The high rapids were coming towards us and we all shouted with extreme joy ! It was a fun competing with other people rafting around us. The nature of water in the river was changing every second. How the calm water suddenly changing into high & rapid flow of water, its just unexplainable!! But I must tell you, the most enjoyable moment of Rafting is in these tides.

    We had our rafting from Shivpuri to Byasi  travelling almost 20 kms both the sides.

    2:00 PM: Rafting Ended.  And we all headed back to Dehradun.

    Though it was a very short and unplanned, yet a lovely trip to remember for years to come.

    Watch the pictures of this exciting journey below:

    The male staff enjoying Volleyball.

    The awesome view of river originating from the hills, as visible through our camps.


    Getting ready to Raft!!

    Definitely the most amazing adventurous experience ever- Together as EPSians!!


    World No Tobacco Day Today! Join EPixel’s Social Campaign for Tobacco Free Youth

    31st May is celebrated as “World No Tobacco Day” all across the globe. The day intends to spread awareness and encourage people to reduce or completely stop the tobacco consumption in any form.

    Smoking is a world-wide hazard. It is a single most important cause of preventable premature death. Every year 5.6 million people die worldwide by the diseases caused by tobacco. And every 6 second a current or former smoker dies!

    According to WHO figures there are about 1.3 billion smokers in the world and 20 billion cigarettes are sold every day. One third of the world population smokes, 12 % of them are women and every day 100,000 kids are added to this number. 70 % of smokers die younger than normal population.

    And as a shocking assumption made by WHO, in 21st century, 1.3 billion people will die of smoking!

    Smoking cigarette, pipe, cigar, Huqua, Shisha  and other use of tobacco like chewing tobacco and tobacco sniffing all are dangerous and addictive. Nicotine present in tobacco smoke causes addiction by increasing the brain levels of chemicals like Dopamine and Endrophine.

    Tobacco and tobacco smoke known to have  about 4,000 chemicals , 200 of these  are poisonous and 60 of these chemicals  are known to cause cancer (carcinogens). Thus there is a strong need of aggressive anti-smoking awareness campaign, involving civil society, media, business community, school, college and university students.

    Government, Society, NGOs and other social trusts are already doing their bit to aware people about the life threatening effects of consuming tobacco. Even many big organizations has added up to the list and follow the routine of including every social campaign as a part of their social responsibility. We, at EPixel, are too adding up a little contribution by running “Tobacco free Youth” awareness campaign.

    We ‪EPSians are emphasizing on ‪‎Tobacco_free_youth. Support us for this noble cause and make your everyday A ‪‎No Tobacco day!!

    Just remember- “Disadvantages of smoking are many but those of quitting are none. Advantages of smoking are none but those of quitting are many.”

    Only a fool would make the wrong choice here!!


    Cloud Computing Technology- Now You can Store & Access Your Data directly via the Cloud!

    Traditional business applications have always been very complicated and expensive. The amount and variety of hardware and software required to run them are very difficult to manage. You need a team of experts to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update them regularly.

    As cloud computing grows in popularity, thousands of companies are converting their non-cloud products and services into “cloud computing.” There is no doubt that cloud computing technologies have introduce new ways of delivering and managing IT services, yet we will likely see improvements of current-generation cloud environments and offerings as well as completely new technologies for application developers to take advantage of.

    What is Cloud Computing?

    In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s storage location. With an online connection, cloud computing can be done anywhere, anytime.

    Businesses quickly improve service delivery capabilities without the need to spend money on buying new infrastructure, licensing software, and training staff.  

    Having gained much popularity in past years, Cloud Computing is going to get still bigger in the coming years.


    Cloud Computing has been divided into three broad service categories:

    • infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
    • platform as a service (PaaS)
    • software as service (SaaS)

    Benefits of Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing has several benefits for businesses and end users. Three of the main benefits of cloud computing include:

    • Self-service provisioning:  It allows the end users to set up or launch a service or application themselves without any exterior help of IT professionals.
    • Elastic computing: Elastic computing is the ability of a cloud service provider to provision flexible computing power when and wherever required.
    • Pay per use: Computing resources will let users to pay only for the resources and workloads they use.

    Upgrade Your Phone to Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Learn the Exciting Features Here!

    Android Marshmallow is the latest edition of Google’s mobile operating system equipped with some really exciting features updated with the latest technology. Launched in October 2015, the Marshmallow operating version is a refinement and extension of the core features and functionality of Android Lollipop. The OS version will most probably be available from mid-2016. In this blog, we have covered the most sought after features of this newly launched OS version of Android.

    Will it be able to ease our mobile experience or will disappoint us? Have a look at the major features of Google’s this OS version and try getting the answer!

    Features Usability

    Develop Chrome Custom Tabs: Android Marshmallow will now provide developers with custom Chrome tabs. This is basically a Chrome-based in-app mini-browser that developers can use to display web page content within their app (like an FAQ or Help page), rather than having a user bounce from their app to a web app and possibly not make it back. Developers can now color and brand the Chrome custom tab to look as much like part of their app as possible. The popup browser draws over the top of the original app, and supports basically all the features of the full version of Chrome itself, but with dedicated tweaks specifically for that app that’s using it, such as an embedded share button specifically for their app.

    Silent mode, DND Options: Silent mode is back in Android Marshmallow! In the quick settings menu, tapping the sound toggle will bring up a mini-menu for ‘Do not disturb’, where you can turn the feature on and off as well as select from three modes: total silence, alarms only or priority only.

    Double tap to launch camera action: With the update to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, Nexus 5, 6, 7 and 9 devices received a feature: the ability to launch the camera with a double-tap of the Power button. This feature is somewhat unreliable, and frequently puts the device to sleep instead, but it may come in handy.

    App links: In previous versions of Android, when you took a screenshot, the only option you had straight from the notifications preview was to share it. In Marshmallow, you can now delete it too.

    Text selection: Marshmallow introduces an improved text selection setup that has been clumsy in Android. Instead of getting a temporary edit/share toolbar when highlighting text, in Marshmallow you’ll get a localized floating menu that offers three simple options: select all, copy or share.

    Security Features

    Android Marshmallow is now more secure. Learn the upgraded security features here-

    Fingerprint API: Android Marshmallow introduces system-level fingerprint support via the new fingerprint API. Both new Nexus devices have a fingerprint scanner. The rollout of Android Pay and other touchless payment systems that rely on fingerprint scanners for authentication can now be handled by Android itself. All you need to do to set up fingerprint authentication in the Play Store for purchases is check a box in the settings.

    Automatic app backup: Being have lacked up in Lollipop, Marshmallow can now automatically back up both your apps and data, so any apps restored from a backup will be the same as they were before – you’ll be signed in and right where you left off. The best part is that the device and app data can be saved, so your passwords, settings and progress can all be restored with much less effort.

    Network security reset: Network security reset is another feature added up in the Backup and reset setting that allows you to quickly and easily remove all passwords, settings and connections associated with Bluetooth, cellular data and Wi-Fi.

    Encryption: Encryption is back in Android Marshmallow with a vengeance. New Android devices running Marshmallow are required to use full-disk encryption by default, but devices updated from a previous version of Android do not. Encrypted devices will also be subject to Marshmallow’s verified boot process to ensure the trustworthiness of their software during each boot sequence. If Android suspects changes have been made, the user will be alerted to potential software corruption.

    Android for Work: Through better handling of security, notifications, VPNs, access and storage, the same device can be used both for work and at home. Now you can carry a personal and a work phone in future.

    Added Protection by Smart Lock for Passwords: One new addition is the Smart Lock for Passwords which is basically a Google password manager. Enabling the feature allows your website and app passwords to get saved to your Google account.

    What we can conclude?

    With all the above new features, we can conclude that Marshmallow OS version is more sensible than Lollipop. You can find much improvement in its predecessor in terms of performance, battery life and feature set.  Though the version will still take time to reach your handset and many other Android users around the world, for now, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update is available for an installation to Nexus devices.

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